Chapter 56 The massage

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Flora started coming to a lot of my away games. It annoyed her when Jake called her my bodyguard, but clearly not enough to be dissuaded. She sat in the audience seat watching me like a proud mom, her face breaking into a broad grin every time our eyes met.

Scratch that. Not even my mom had that much interest in me.

"Baby, you know you don't have to come, right?" I asked when I got in her car one evening after the game. "If you have other things to do, it's totally fine."

She reached out a hand to stroke my face. "This is what I want to do. It's a school night and I don't have anyone to hang around with anyway."

Aside from guys with questionable motives like Raymond Corbett. For the eighteen thousandth time I wondered if I was being too hard on their friendship, but for the eighteen thousandth time I decided that while Flora had a point, relationships are fragile and I didn't want to test ours by placing her in an unfavorable position.

There was another selfish reason and it was the fact that I liked her here. I liked how she was my personal cheerleader, the way her face lit up like an automatic porch light when I neared her, and there was something about getting picked up by my stunning girlfriend in her silver Mercedes that made me feel very special and pampered.

This evening she let me choose what to eat, and I picked the same restaurant as usual, a cheap diner near school where the food was served fast and hot. I just wanted to get dinner out of the way and go home ASAP. Flora was attentive, cooperative, and full of smiles. Said she just wanted to make me happy.

On a good day like this I felt like I had the best girlfriend in the world. This was a girl who was used to eating foie gras in her designer dress and dating anyone she wanted, yet she was right next to me, gazing at me with affection like there was nowhere else she'd rather be.

On one of the worse days I still thought she was the best girlfriend, but one who was irritable, impatient, and ready to fight, and I would be walking on eggshells trying not to get on her nerves. She said she was fine with my routines, but I knew she craved more excitement.

She needed something bad. Something loud. Something with the possibility of getting out of hand.

Not this evening, though. This evening was one of the good days, and we laughed all the way home. I was lying face down on my bed when I felt her soft hand slide onto my back.

"Are you tired?" she asked.

I grunted to indicate that I was. I was starting to feel really comfortable around her, and I liked the idea of us more and more each day. It felt so right and easy.

Her hands moved to my shoulders and because I wasn't expecting it, it took me a full second to realize that she was giving me a massage. Her fingers slid under my shirt and I pushed myself off the bed momentarily so she could remove it, then she kneaded down my back.

I almost choked on gratification. I never knew an impromptu backrub could feel this heavenly. She started back up again when she reached the small of my back, her hands running along my spine up to my neck. She had strong fingers despite being so slender, and this had immediately topped my list of favorite things Flora could do to me.

"Does it feel good?"

"It's better than good. Where did you learn these things?" Please don't stop.

"I know a lot about spa treatments," she said.

Praise the lord for the beauty centers she went to; I never thought I'd benefit from them. I asked to return the favor but Flora insisted she just wanted to give, so I allowed myself to be indulged.

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