Chapter 50 The German test

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Flora often nagged me about staying the night when I drove her back to her place. I didn't have a rigid curfew anymore since starting senior year, but I knew better than to push my luck. I would stay as long as I could before I tucked her in, stroked her hair and said my difficult good-nights. All that was keeping me from being a competent parent was a good book of nursery rhymes.

I knew what Flora really needed was her parents. Despite being the most fun, free, and popular person in our school, she had a lonely side not known to others, and sometimes not even her 900 friends and I could rescue her. She'd freak if she ever heard the word clingy on her, because she thought it was reserved for insecure people who had no friends, and to be fair she wasn't clingy in the usual sense since she wasn't attached to just one person, but it went without debate that she couldn't spend one moment by herself. Flora always had to be doing something with someone. She was irrationally afraid of missing out.

She argued that she went to her spa treatments alone when she spent the entire time gossiping with her masseuse, and once it was over she immediately switched on her phone to check missed messages.

I was now responsible for all the blanks in her life, and while I loved her beyond words, it was emotionally flattering but physically exhausting. In junior year I was infatuated with her, but at least I had more self-control. This time it was impossible to say no. I wanted to work extra hard to make this relationship worth her while.

Have you ever done something that feels so good, that even though you know there should be an end, you just can't stop? I don't mean dating Flora, but the way we were wearing each other down. We were like a meteor tearing through the atmosphere, burning up and giving out sparks so dazzling, that while it was mesmerizing to look at, it just wouldn't last.

I wanted us to be like the moon. There'd be brighter and dimmer days, but we'd be consistent and perpetual, effortlessly reflecting light off the sun.

I had started nurturing the dark circles under my eyes which Flora found sexy. She teased they made my eyes bluer. Homework only started after she slept, and espresso and condoms had become my life supportive system. I just couldn't slow down the rate of consuming them.

We cut class more than once too, mostly during German because Mrs. Kinston was majorly gullible. How many times could I fake being summoned by the principal? Many times and counting, it seemed.

"What's senior year for if not to sneak off campus?" Flora said, all reasonable, like she was making a documentary on 'things I wish I knew before starting high school'.

"I thought that's what college is for," I protested as I gave in. We didn't even do anything important with the stolen time other than grinning at each other stupidly. Senior year may not be about ditching classes, but it was definitely about finding love and wasting time together.

I had been getting straight As since always, so I wasn't that fussy about grades, but late night studying sessions mixed with caffeine, sex, being in love and basketball season really took its toll, and it was inevitable that I would either float off the ground or drop dead, whichever came first.

I didn't complain to Flora because it was what I wanted, to be with her, my dream girl, albeit a high-maintenance one, and I thought I should just deal with it. I didn't see Janet at all anymore, and whenever I hung out with the guys I brought Flora with me. It wasn't like they didn't enjoy talking to her anyway. At first they were tolerant, but by the third time they started getting sarcastic.

"Yes! It's guys' night out and let's count on Sean to bring his girlfriend again," Dylan said.

Jake agreed. "I shall bring all three of my recent hits too so we have an awesome Eyes Wide Shut party."

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