Chapter 33: Epilogue

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I wanted to end this book three different ways...

So I'm combining them all...

Thank you to @bloxiegirl123 for helping me out with deciding :D


3rd Person's POV

Aside from the occasional ghast, or the bubbling of the lava, the Nether was silent.

It was especially quiet in a large castle made of Nether brick where deep inside, in the heart of the castle, lay a throne room.

And inside this throne room was a throne, where a wounded God lay.


At first glance, most would think he was dead, mainly from the large hole in his chest and his bloodstained shirt. His eyes were barely open and glowing faintly.

But a closer inspection, it was clear that he was indeed breathing, the wound in his chest closing at the rate most fingernails would grow.

But most of all, the God was shocked, to be defeated by his own creation, how ironic. He'd certainly doubted the power the Butter God wielded.

"You brought this on yourself you know..." A voice spoke calmly, causing the God to look up at his brother, who was standing by the throne, arms folded over his chest and an annoyed look on his face.

Herobrine sighed "And I suppose you're here to gloat over you victory, or scowl at me for trying to oppose you... I've already had enough triumph speeches about goodness and hope to last a millennium."

"You know I'm not one to gloat brother..." Notch said, glaring at his wounded brother. "And you know perfectly well why I'm here..."

"Well I doubt it's to see if your dear brother is ok..." Herobrine muttered, rolling his eyes and leaning back on his throne, wincing slightly at the movement.

"What you did was stupid and idiotic, you have no idea what will happen now, what you've done will have catastrophic consequences!" Notch shouted.

At this, Herobrine looked up, glaring at his brother "Oh don't act like you have no part in this! At least I knew how to keep Skybrine in check should anything had happened, Enderlox and WitherMU on the other hand-"

"Don't call them that!" Notch growled "You forced my hand, I had no other choice! Your desire to destroy the Overworld blinded you from the real problem here!"

"I wasn't planning to destroy all of it..." Herobrine muttered "Just part of it... And I'm not an idiot brother, everything I do has motives, it's not all just blind killing, no matter how fun it is... And you had many other ways to stop me, you just went with the one that wouldn't let you get your hands dirty..."

"Do you know how long it took me to find that blood?!" Notch yelled "It took me years to make those potions and I was saving them for an emergency."

"Which it wasn't..."

"Yes! It was!"

Herobrine growled in annoyance and stood up, holding his wounded chest with his hand. "I may have cause a little upset in the balance of this world, which is my job by the way, but you've taken it to a whole new level Notch. Once the Ender Dragon and Wither find out about what you've done. They will be out for revenge, and those two boys will be their puppets... Heck, I don't doubt that they already know about them... You've doomed them..."

"And you haven't doomed Adam?!" Notch demanded "He's a Brine! He's half God! He has no idea what power he wields!"

"I think he has some idea..." Herobrine muttered, gesturing to his chest "He wouldn't have been able to do this if he didn't."

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