Chapter 31: Brine vs Brine

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Ty's POV

"Hey Guys... What's up?" Sky said weakly as he looked up at us, his yellow eyes glowing dimly.

I gave a small laugh of joy "You tell us..."

Jason smiled "Next time, can you try not to get kidnapped?"

Sky gave a small tired chuckle "I'll try..."

"So..." An angry voice interrupted behind Jason and I "You managed to reverse my spell...

We turned and I frowned to see Herobrine standing a few meters away from the two of us, his arms folded across his and a look of pure anger in his soulless eyes.

I smirked and nodded "It's over Herobrine, you've lost..."

Herobrine just chuckled "Really now? You think so? You may have set back my plans, but it won't stop me from finishing you two off!"

Right after he said that, he summoned a large fireball and hurled it at us.

I yelped and jumped in front of Jason, spreading my wings out so to protect Jason from the blast.

Only a grey blur shot past me and stood in front of me, firing its own fireball at Herobrine, the two colliding in a large explosion I covered my face instinctively, feeling the heat, but it not hurting me.

When the heat died, I took my arms away and folded my wings, looking at the figure that had fired the fireball and smiling when I saw that it was Sky, his eyes glowing brightly.

Herobrine growled angrily "I'd advise you to stay out of this Skybrine..."

"Don't you EVER call me that again!" Sky hissed, anger lacing his voice. He turned to Jason, who nodded and tossed him his sword.

He caught it and it glowed brightly. The metal becoming a more purer shade of yellow and the hilt turning a bright silver, with a purple amethyst in the hilt.

He gripped the sword tightly and held it in front of him with both hands "My name is Adam Skylen, general of the Sky Army and leader of Team Crafted." He snarled "And I will NEVER take orders from you again!"

Sky's POV

"And I will NEVER take orders from you again!" I snarled at the god.

Herobrine raised an eyebrow at me "Really now? You wanna bet? I can easily turn you back Sky, so I advise you to stay out of this while I finish your friends off..."

I growled angrily "I'll sooner die than let you hurt them!"

"Interesting... Considering that you were fine with killing them only minutes ago..."

I glared at him, saying nothing. I still couldn't believe that I'd even considered trying to kill my friends, that I'd actually killed... Ant, Tyler, and so many other innocent people... That I'd enjoyed it...

"What? Remembering how much fun it was?" Herobrine asked, taking joy in my grief, which only made me angrier.

"That wasn't me, and you know it!" I hissed, gripping my sword tightly.

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