Chapter 30: Cure

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A small moment of silence to say farewell to Monty Oum... Creator of RWBY...


Sorry, I had to...

I'm not obsessed with RWBY, but I like the series and found out he had died from my friend avasimpala42

She loves RWBY so she was pretty torn up about it...

*Sigh* Moving on...


Mitch's POV

We wandered the corridors of the castle, trying to work our way back to the throne room to use the portal. Bella was learning on me while she slowly got her strength back while Ryan leaned on Ian

We would have used one of Seto's tracking spells to lead us back but Quentin insisted that Seto shouldn't do anymore magic until he needs to do the reversal spell on Adam.

Even with the healing potion, he looked like he was gonna pass out any minute now. Whatever had happened between him and his grandfather had seriously drained him.

And his arms... They looked like he'd had a fight with a tattoo artist and lost... Strange black runes were inked into his skin. How he managed to stay to calm about it is something I'll never know...

Eventually, we made it back to the throne room, the nether portal still working, but it seemed to be flickering, like the connection was slowly starting to cut out. Something must be happening to the other portal...

We walked over to the nether portal, quickly helping each other up and through it. I was the last to go through.

As I stepped through, I felt dizzy again and all I could see was the same purple swirls, before the image melted away to reveal the small dungeon again.

I landed on the stone and immediately yelped as the entire cavern shook violently, rocks fell from the ceiling and walls shattering into little fragments as they hit the floor. We all crouched and covered out heads, waiting until the shaking stopped.

When it finally did stop, we all stood up shakily.

"Is everyone ok?" Quentin asked.

We all nodded shakily.

I turned behind me to see that the shaking had caused the nether portal to completely fall apart, it as now nothing but a pile of obsidian blocks. Well, it explained the cutting connection from the other side...

"What could have caused that?" I wondered out loud.

"Ty and Jason are most likely in the middle of fighting Herobrine and Skybrine! What do you think?" Ian muttered rolling his eyes.

I sighed "Then we better get to them quickly... Seto, you ready with the spell?" I asked, turning to him.

Seto nodded and pulled out the scroll, "Yeah..."

I nodded "Good then let's go."

Everyone nodded and began to climb out of the hole, the cavern shaking every so often and causing small rocks to fall from the walls.

Once we were all out we looked around, the place looked normal, but the sound of explosions, metal clashing and yelling was all around us.

"Up there!" Bella yelled, pointing up at the sky just west of where we were.

In the sky, recruits with wings or magic could be seen in the sky battling blazes and Ghasts.

"Come on!" I yelled, running through the forest towards the battle, the others close behind me.

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