Chapter 32: Friends

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To answer your question on whether or not there will be a sequel.

The idea is floating around, Tis not confirmed.

All shall be revealed in the epilogue...

And to clarify, there are two Tylers, one is Logdotzip, who died, and the other is Munching Brotato, who is alive...

I've just been getting some comments from people that were confused on the matter...

Now then...

Moving on...

Ty's POV

Now the first thing most would expect we would do now was celebrate, right?


The first thing we did was hold a funeral...

Twenty recruits had died in the battle. Twenty recruits and two generals had not lived to see the end.

We'd lost Preston and Baki. Preston had been taken down by a hoard of pigmen and Baki had fallen to a Ghast.

We stood in the graveyard just outside the castle, where all recruits and generals are buried.

We also buried Tyler and Ant, it only felt right to. We placed them along with Preston and Baki in a more reserved area of the graveyard. Where past generals had been buried, like ChimmySwit, Weedlion or Ethan. (Hugs if you remember Ethan...)

Heck, even Sky's father was buried here.

Sky said a few words, apologising for what had happened and what he'd done. It was clear that he felt awful about it. He was wearing sunglasses again to hide his eyes, but it couldn't do anything about the glowing yellow rim his glasses now had because of his eyes.

After the funeral, everyone headed back to the castle to celebrate. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Until Jason and I realised that Adam wasn't there...

I had a guess at where he'd be, so we headed back out to the graveyard.

The moon had risen and the air was humid, thus a faint mist clung to the ground and around the gravestones.

Adam could be seen standing by a group of new gravestones looking down at them, his arms folded like he usually did when he was thinking.

We both walked over to him quietly. My tail flicking from side to side, part the mist at our feet behind us. Jason's heads just looked around, fluttering above his head.

Adam heard us coming and turned his head to us "Hey..." He said quietly.

We stood on either side of him, looking at the two graves he was looking at, Ant's and Tyler's.

"You ok?" Jason asked looking at Adam.

Adam just shook his head as he continued to look at the graves. "It's all my fault..." He said bitterly.

I looked at him "Don't say that Ad-"

"But it is!" He muttered, cutting me off "If I hadn't been stupid enough to get kidnapped, if I'd fought Herobrine a little harder... I could have stopped this. I... killed so many innocent people... I killed Tyler and Ant, who have been my friends ever since I was three. If I had fought a little harder, you two wouldn't have been dragged into this hybrid mess! It's my fault that you two are hybrids, it's my fault that so many people are dead..." He murmured, his voice breaking and a single tear sliding down his face.

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