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Denise POV
As I finished getting ready for the day I blasted Demi and danced around my room. Today me and Isabella were hanging out I was going to her house.
I'm a little nervous,to meet her family or hopefully she don't have another friend I don't want to be a 3rd wheel omg stop Denise ur getting ahead of yourself. "
*ding* *ding*
My phone goes off
From Isabella:I'm outside 😊
To Isabella: ok I'll be out in a minute
I squeal of happiness sorry I get excited over little thing haha sorry I think I like her.
She has short black hair a really cute smile and she has a great personality we also like the same music also we both like Demi.
Walking out the front door I greeted by Isabella.
"Hey D"
"Hey Isabella"
"What's up?"
"Nothing ready to go to your house and meet your family! I laugh nervously.
"Common don't tell me your nervous my family chill like me"
"I am kinda nervous" I say looking Down at my feet
"Don't be it's all gonna be ok I promise" she says with enthusiasm
I smile kinda hoping and knowing she's right.
4 hours later
Walking into my house I have a huge smile on my face her family loves me and the made me eat a lot lol
Tomorrow we are going hang out again but we don't know what we're gonna do yet we have to figure it out. I really like Isabella and I want to tell her but I have to find the right chance and right time.

Dani POV
After the school incident with Christina I haven't really talked my mom keeps asking me what's wrong I just lie and say I'm sick or something.
I have no one now I can't believe It was all fake I looked up at the pictures around my room I got up and locked my door and started bawling and then the anger rose up and I started ripping down the pictures of us. And I realized then and there I was alone. My phone dinged
Demi tweeted @ddlovato you are never alone put my music in and I'll be there for you. I felt like then and there Demi was my life saver. I put on unbroken. My phone dinged again and it was from and unknown number
From unknown: Hey fat ugly bitch your ex Bestfriend gave me your number she told us some your secrets.
To unknown: who is this??
From unknown: your worst nightmare.
I blasted Demi album and turned my messaging off.
Thinking to myself what did she tell them.
I gently fell asleep to Demi.

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