Part 6

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We arrived back at school. I was panicking. I searched the locker rooms in the basement.
"Kevin. Yo. I'm sorry I'm late. I got caught up." i yelled out.
No one answered.
"Hello. Kevin. Are you here?" I shouted out as my voice echoed in the large boys locker room. I'm walking threw row by row of lockers looking for Kevin.
"Hey Kevin. This ain't cool. Do you want your dope or not?" I yelled once again. This time Kevin came out of one of the rows of lockers. He was smoking a cigarette and leaning against the locker.
"You are 2 hours and 7 minutes late Megan. Do you know how I deal with my late dealers?" He puffed out a cloud of smoke from his nose.
"No." I straighten my posture.
"Do you know Patrick DeMera?" He sat on one of the benches against the back wall.
"Who?" I leaned against the locker staring at him.
"Exactly." He got up and threw the cigarette bud onto the floor.
"So your point is?" I was getting tired of his game.
"It involved him and a date with a socket wrench." He smiled and came closer to me. He then smiled more intensely.
"So what? You are going to beat me to death?" I crossed my arms. I wasn't scared of him.
"Well he was a dude. This situation is entirely different." He stopped a foot or less i front of me.
"What are you talking about?" I gave him the bitchiest tone ever.
"Well bitch. you barked up the wrong tree. Because what I'm about to do to you will make that bitchy mouth," he grabbed my face.
"Moun like there is now tomorrow." he smirked.
I didn't understand so I pushed him off of me.
"God dammit kevin, do you want your weed or not?!" I don't know why I'm still here.
"Listen potty mouth." he pushed me against the locker.
"You talk when I say talk!" He whispered loudly at me.
"Kevin get away from me." I tried to push him away from me but nothing was working.
"No no no. bad move sweety." he whispered into my ear.
"You know there are no cameras in here right?" Then thats when it hit me. He was going to fuck me.
"Kevin no. Get away!" I was in no shape to be able to push him off of me.
"It will only me a quicky." he said as he turned me around and bent me over and onto my knees so I'd be leaning against the bench.
i was pushing, scratching, kicked just about everything to get out of his grip.
"Kevin no! Stop it!" I screamed. He covered my mouth.
"Shut the fuck up. You are my bitch now."
Then he pulled down my pants. He pulled off my belt and wrapped it around my mouth. I was trying to yell but nothing was happening. Then he tied my hands up with his belt he had.
"Damn girl. your ass is sweet!" I whispered into my ear.
I felt him slide his hand around my ass and around and into my inner thigh.
"I bet you are getting horny." then he cupped my womenhood.
To be honest i moaned but it was a pain.
He rubbed me all down there. I had started to tear up. I was still trying to get him off of me but I was getting weaker and weaker.
"I think you are ready." he whispered into my ear once again. I heard him unzip something. it made my heart stop.
Fuck fuck fuck!
Then he pulled down my underwear.
Fuck! This is going to be my first time and it going to be a rape!! I'm so fucking scared right now.
"Ready? One, two and thre..." Then I felt him fly off of me.
I turned over as fast as I could.
I saw Kevin on the floor with his man hood out. then I saw him. Michael Clifford.
"Dude what the fuck are you doing?!" Michael yelled at Kevin.
"Hey! I'd mind your own business if I were you." Kevin shouted back as he tried to pull his junk away.
"Well fuck you asshole." Michael said then punched him right in the jaw. But he didn't stop there. He got on top of him and punch him numerous times. over and over and over and over.
He finally stopped and he was panting.
He turned around to face me.
He came over. Helped unbuckled the belt around my face and my wrists.
I didn't say anything.
I then pulled my clothes back on. I picked up my bag. I walked over to Kevin's bag and grabbed his wallet and pulled out 250$ and I put his weed into his bag.
"After that you are still giving him his weed?!" Michael shouted.
"Yeah. Where I come from, people keep there promises." I snapped back.
"Well were I come from, when someone was just about to rape you, deserve to die." I snapped back rather faster then I did.
I got up from his bag and walked over to Michael.
"For your information, i didn't ask for your help. So stop popping back into my life." I pushed him away and walked off.
Before I could do that I felt a strong grip on my wrists.
"Hey! A simple thank you would be fine." he shouted at me with anger.
"What the hell is your problem. Let me got asshole." I got out of his grip and walked, fast, away from him.
You probably think Kevin was the asshole here but actually, it was Michael.
I got back to Sasha's truck and jumped in without saying a word.
"Well? That took you forever. What happened? Did someone have trouble finding Kevin?" She said in a babying tone.
"No. Michael was bothering me. That son of a bitch grabbed my wrists so hard. Look at them." i then showed her my wrists which were now black and blue.
"Oh my god. Megan?" She looked up at me.
"Its fine, just can we go now." I pulled my hands back onto my lap and looked out the window.
"Okay" she hit the gas and we drove not even 1 meter then the car stopped and smoke came from under the hood.
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Sasha screamed as she attempted to get out of the truck.
We both got out and ran to the front.
Sasha opened the hood causing smoke to fly into our faces.
"*cough* that can't be good *cough* *cough*" I was literally chocking.
Sasha was waving the smoke away to see where it was coming from.
"Yep. She is gone. My poor baby is finished." She patted the side of the truck.
"It was great while it lasted." She went in the truck and pulled out my and her bags and walked towards the school.
"Hey where are you going?!" I yelled.
"To find out whoever a car that is." she pointed to the rusty old car in the far corner of the parking lot.
"Fuck." I murmured to myself.

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