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I've been living in Canada for about 12 years now. I lived in London for my first 4 years of life. I have a slight British accent but it is mixed with a Canadian Accent also. So I sound like a British girl trying to speak French.
I have two other sisters. They are twins. Sara and Tara. They are incredibly gorgeous. Both long blonde straight hair with sea blue eyes. They are tall and thin. Then there is my mom who is tall and thin also. She has short straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Than my dad who is also tall and fit. He has brown hair and big brown eyes.
They all are so delightful to look at. I'm completely jealous of them all.
Than there is me. Total opposite.
I'm 5'6 and I have blue and red dyed hair. I have green eyes. I weighed 150lbs.
You know why?
Cause I'm adopted.
My real mom sold drugs and took them as well. My real dad straight up left us for his other family he had for a year previous of ours in Australia. My mom died of a overdose when I was 4 years old. Than I got adopted from this family 12 years ago.
Yes I hang out with the wrong people. Yes I do drugs. Yes I've been arrested for it. But no, I've never had sex in my life. No scratch that out. I've never kissed anyone in my life.
Anyway. I have piercings on my lip, nose, eyebrow, ears, tongue and bellybutton. I have no tattoos yet. I dye my hair all the time. Now its red with blue tips. My original color is brown. Id rather wear ripped jeans than skirts. Id rather wear Band t-shirts than shirts start at the boob area to the top if your bellybutton. Id rather wear converse than stilettos. I prefer rock other than cookie cutter pop music. I might seem like a punk but I'm really not. Im just feed up with this generation. I'm really good in school. I'm very mature(other than my life choices) for my age. I'm just bored so i like to try new things.
Story of the life of me, Megan Rusher.

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