Part 2

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"Yo! Sara! Tara! Wake up! Fuck!" That was the 7th attempt to wake them up for school.
"You guys aren't going to have enough time to get ready. You are going to have to go to school dressed like me." I warned them as I walked out of their room. Suddenly I heard them jump out of beds and run around.
"Haha idiots."
I walked over to my room. I was half way there and I already heard me music playing.
I walked in when Avenged Sevenfold was playing.
I liked my room. The walls were covered in posters and behind them was a purple, blue and black striped walls. My side table stacked with music CDs. On my desk there was my laptop and next to it on a shelf up high, is where my stereo. Nothing big just a CD player attached to 2 largish purple speakers.
Clothes and shoes here and there and my guitar in one corner and my skateboard under my desk.
There leaves my twin sized bed and my flat screen tv that was mounted on the wall.
That's what you get for having rich 'parents'.
My mom works as a sales women for a popular company and my dad is an inventor.
I have a little closet but I just throw my shit in there. Behind the door of my room was my full length mirror.
Walked over to my desk and typed in my Facebook account and password.
Strolled threw my news feed. Liked this photo. Commented on that post.
Not much of a big facebooker.
My phone buzzed.
Sasha: hey jerk! I'm outside. Its cold so hurry the fuck up!
Sasha and I have been friends since grade 1. She is the sister i never had. Other than the 2 Barbie dolls.
I shut my laptop. Grabbed me backpack that was green and black checkered. With pins of band logos and stuff on it.
I opened my door as Sara and Tara walked by me in tiny pink outfits and their purses that were way too big for them. Their makeup looked too much as usual.
"Clown school finally accepted you?" I sarcastically said as I walked behind them.
"Jealous much?" Tara said as she applied something to her face.
"Like tots jelly." Sara agreeing with her as usual.
"Whatever see ya. dont wanna be ya." I jumped out the door and walked over to Sasha's old blue truck which was next to my sisters white brand new smart car.
"You'd think they would at least buy something that actually works. Other than a tiny-ass-made-in-China plastic car." Sasha yells over her engine.
"Yeah? Look who's talking. The one who's car is older than god." I jumped into her truck.
"Hey! She has feelings too. Yeah she is old but she is still standing." She patted the dash board.
It was cold but she had her truck running so it was warm inside.
We drove as she played her Led Zeppelin.
She was awesome.
She was like me. But minus the drugs, some piercings, and her hair was a rainbow of blues. The lightest on top and darkest underneath. Her natural hair is blonde but she doesn't like it. She has a nose and 2 lip piercings with the usual piercings in her ears.
Everything else she is basically just like me. She is older though. A year and a half.
She failed a year so she is in my grade now. Grade 10.

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