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Part 3

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We arrive at school after the music filled ride.
"Hey Meg! There is a new guy today. Apparently he is from Australia." Sasha said as she wiggled her eyebrows at me.
"Ha yeah? This will be fun." i sorta already hated him cause he was from Australia. Where my real dad had left us for.
We walked into school.
The place where hell can't even describe it.
"Hey whore! How about a quick blow?" One of the jocks yelled across the halls.
"You wish you jerk!" Sasha yelled back.
"Megan. Why do you take that from them? You haven't ever kissed anyone for god sakes." We stopped at my locker. I was completely unaware of what was happening. I had my earphones in.
"Yo! Meg! Earth to Meg!" She waved her hands in front of my face. I pulled out a earphone.
"What do you want?" I sarcastically shouted back.
"Have you been listening to your music this whole time?" She said as she leaned against the lockers. I opened mine.
"Yes and?" What do I have today?
"Wow you are such an idiot." She sighed.
"That's why you love me." I punched her shoulder.
"Hey! Chill. I gave me a bruise last time." she half laughed half seriousness as she held her arm.
I just rolled my eyes.
"What day is it?" I looked back at her.
"Um.. 2. Day 2 yeah." She confidently answered.
English, science, math, music.
"Fuck!! I have Math today! What's the whole point of having math if no one is teaching you anything."
"Maybe it's kinda useful in some jobs?! Like me. You are looking at the future Accountant." I laughed at how she actually wants to me an accountant.
"And tell me why you want to be an accountant again?" I laughed.
"I'm good with numbers. You know that. So it will be easy. I think."
We laughed at how stupid that sounded because it was all bullshit.
"No. but really it's my stupid parents who are pushing me to do it. So if I want to keep a roof over my head and have that truck than I have to do what they tell me. Some of us dont have rich parents."
We both walked over to our English class.
"Yo. Meg. do you have any goody goody for me today?" Kevin. The schools biggest pot head. The kid reeked of weed. The only reason why I like him is because he gives me a total of 250$ a week for weed. Not bad.
"Yeah. Met me after school in the locker room." I whispered back not trying to let Sasha hear me.
"Sweet. I dont know why people push you around. You are actually a fine piece of meat. Hey how about you, me, my car and get a little freaky?" I looked at him with disgust.
"Do you want your pot or not?" Saying it in a sassy tone. Trying to keep it just business.
"Ya. ya. Locker room. After school. Gotcha." He runs off.
"Why were you talking to Kevin the Pot Perv?" I laughed at her little pet name.
"Nothin. Just being a Perv." I sat at my seat.
"Sure." she said taking the seat next to me.
"So do you think that new kid is in our class?" She whispered over to me.
I looked around and saw the class was pretty filled other than the 2 seats behind us.
"No. don't think so. Maybe he is in grade 9 or 11." I said as I realized the door fling open.
"Okay little shits! Get to your reading. Now!" Mr. Poloty. Our aggressive English teacher. He use to be in the military. He has a scar under his ear that leads all the way down to the front of his neck.
He was old like in his mid 50's. He was really scary.
"Fuck. My book." Sasha whispered to herself.
"Here. I already have a detention with him later." I said handing her my book.
"How to Kill a Mockingbird? really?" She laughed and started reading.
I sat back and just tried not to make eye contact with Mr. Poloty.
"Rusher! Read!"
"I don't have a book sir." I answered. I was sorta scared.
"Detention. Oh that's right you already have one today. See ya then." he shouted back.
People coughed out names.
"*cough* slut *cough*"
I just ignored then as usual.

I sat there looking out the window. It faced outside to the front of the school.
I saw a kid run to the school after getting out of a rusty old car.
He looked like he had red hair.
I laughed mentally at how ridiculous he looked from far above. I didn't recognize him. Maybe he is the new kid.
Ha late on his first day.
I looked away and pulled out my earphones when Mr. Poloty wasn't looking. Threw over my hood of my sweater and laid my head down.
I shut my eyes as avenged sevenfold played softly into my ears.
I think I fell asleep in an instant than waken up again.
Sasha was shaking me.
"Meg! You gotta see this!"
She pointed at the door.
The kid with red hair from earlier was standing there. Panting.
"Young man! How dare you interrupt my class?! What do you have to say for yourself?!"
The kid didn't look scared more like he was about to burst into laughter more than anything.
"I'm Michael. Michael Clifford. I'm new." He spook with a husky thick Australian Accent. Also half smirked and caught my stare. Sending butterflies into my stomach.

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