Part 4

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I blushed at how he made me feel with just a quick glance.
No. I actually legit just saw the kid. I can't have a crush on him. He is from Australia anyway.
I should hate him more than anything.
"Well mister Michael Clifford, go take a seat behind Rusher. Detention after school."
I looked up at my name being called.
The whole class started laughing. Than the names and teasing started again.
"Be careful! She is contagious!"
"Beware of dog!"
"Stay away from her!"
"Stupid whore."
"She's a spazz."
I looked back down at the table I was sitting at.
Don't cry. Don't cry. They are just words.
"Quiet! Ms. Rusher is over there by the window."
I didn't bother to look up.
I decided to just push it all aside.
Forgetting everything.
"So newbie. Where are you from?" Sasha asked as soon as he sat down.
"*chuckles* Australia. Where else?" Clearly he means by his thick Australian accent.
"Oh a smartass, late, and good looks. Meg, look! he is perfect for you!" She jokingly said as she pushed me a bit.
"He wishes!" I snared back smirking. I turned back to facing the window.
"So Aussie Boy, how long have you been here for." She asked.
"A week. On Parklington."
Oh no.
"Oh Shit! You live on Megan's street!" She sorta yelled out.
"Rowmings! Detention after school!" Mr. Poloty yelled. Leaving the class give out a little giggle fit.
"Silence!" He yelled once again before he looked back down as his newspaper.
"Fuck it." Sasha whispered throwing her hands in the air.
"Is he always like this?" Michael said as he leaned in, whispering.
"On his good days." Sasha responded.
Michael chuckled.
"So where are you from?" Michael asked.
"This is my hometown." Sasha answered with total pride.
"I wasn't talking to you. British girl over here." I turned around from the window and looked at Sasha than at Michael.
"Oh Shit! He totally knew it."
i was getting pissed at him. He comes in here and thinking he is our friend and started asking questions about me. How dare he!!?
"Okay Clifford. Let's get this straight. We are not friends. Don't you ever dare talk to me, look at me, or even think about me." I straight up blew up in his face. Sasha just sat there with her jaw practically touching the floor. The class went quiet. Even the teacher.
"Okay ms. cranky pants. Someone's Knickers Are in a Twist." He mimicked a horrible British accent. Letting the class burst a fit of laughter.
I lost it. I got up. Turned to him.
"Fuck you asshole! Fuck you all!" I grabbed my bag than I marched out of class.
"Megan! Get back in this class!" Mr. Poloty yelled after me.
"Fucking make me, old man!" I stormed off to the bathrooms.
I lost it again. This happens all the time.
I slammed the door open to find girls standing there scared shitless.
"Out! Now!" I yelled. Girls picked up their shit and ran out of the bathroom. I locked the door behind me. I walked over to the stalls.
"So stupid! You are such a spazz! Worthless piece of shit! Can't make any friends without scaring them first!" I yelled as I punched the stalls.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
"Look at yourself! Fucking ugly worthless excuse of a human being!" I told myself. I than punched the mirror letting it shatter and fall everywhere.
My fist started to bleed. I didn't care.
I stared kicking and breaking whatever I could find.
A full on temper tantrum.
There was a banging at the door.
"Megan! Its Sasha! Let me in before you regret anything." She yelled over the screaming and things falling.
I stopped and walked over to the door.
"Is there teachers out there?" I said leaning against the door.
"No just me now open the god damn door before I bust it open."
I unlocked it. Stepped back and waited till she walked in.
The door opened and Sasha and Sasha only came in.
"You okay idiot?" She looked concerned.
I stood there.
"Meg come on. No babying around." she got a bit closer. Her hands on my shoulders.
"Are you okay baby?" I looked up from the floor at her with tears in my eyes.
"No" was all I said before I fell to my knees and started crying.
Sasha got down and held me in her arms rocking me back and forth.
"Sh. it's okay. Everything is going to be just fine."

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