Part 7

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Sasha was going person to person asking if there car was the red rusty one outside. The whole time I knew who's it was. Michael Clifford's car.
I didn't want to tell her. She would freak out.
We were right next to the boys locker rooms and I saw that Kevin had left. Probably out of town by now.
I looked over to the doors outside. I saw no one. So I got up, pulled my smokes out and walked out the door.
Sasha smoked cigarettes on special occasion.

I lite the cigarette. I deeply inhaled. Then out my nose like an angry bull on cartoons.
I sat on the floor against the wall.
It wasn't that cold outside cause it was early fall.
I was still shaken up from my almost rape.
I took another puff of the cigarette.
But why did Michael help me after me calling him all those names?
He didn't have the need to. Why does he have that strong grip on my wrists? And he was so angry. Why?
My phone started beeping.
My reminder for my pills.
I shuffled threw my bag and finally found the orange bottle.

I need to take medication because I have an anger problem. It calms me down whenever I take them which is why I need them 3 times a day. Morning, lunch and dinner. Take 2 each time.

Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Taking a pill for the rest of my life so I don't have a temper tantrum over whoever took the last Oreo.

I laugh at how true it was.
I took the 2 white pills and swallowed them whole.
I burnt out my cigarette and got up to go back inside.
I turned the corner and saw Sasha coming my way. Also being followed by Michael.
"You won't believe who's car it was." she annoying said as she stopped by my side and turned to Michael. Who in fact was drunk from what I saw.
"Yo! British girl and bitchy babe. How ya Rollin?" He had a cheesy smile the whole time. Barely had his eyes open.
To be honest, he looked like shit.
"Asshole! Go sober yourself up and after take us home. Got it?" Sasha shouted at him.
"Aye aye captain!" He turned around and walked into the door. Making Sasha and I roll our eyes.
How can someone be this drunk and be on school property?

About 3 hours waiting for Michael to sober up, he finally came out of the bathroom whipping his mouth.
"Here take these and give me your keys." Sasha handed him 2 advils. Michael grunted and pulled out his keys and replaced them with the pills.
The school was on the after school program so we were ok to be here at the moment.
We walked over to the rusty car of his. Sasha stopped at her truck and took out whatever was needed. Like CDs and extra cash she had in the glove department.
She came back with her hands full of CDs.
"Mind helping me putting these in my bag?"
She gave me all the CDs and opened her bag. I shoved the CDs in it and turned to the car.
I found Michael in the back seat of his car. Laying down.
"Is he asleep?" I asked poking Sasha.
"More like dead if you ask me." She closed her bag and walked towards the drivers side.
She sat in the car but then stopped.
"What's wrong?" She looked frozen.
She slowly opened the door and got up then thats when I knew the problem.
She sat on a sandwich. I heard Michael chuckling in the back.
"You think this is funny asshole?! You did that on purpose!" I yelled at him.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?! It was a god damn prank. Fuck!"
He got up and reached over me towards the glove box. Then he pulled out a stack of napkins and handed them to Sasha.
"Here. You guys can't take jokes seriously." he then laid back down.
"Fucking jerk." I heard Sasha say under her breath as she wiped her ass.
I helped wipe the seat.

We were done and now was driving to my house.
"Yo! Turn the music on!" Michael yelled over the loud engine.
I looked around to find CDs but all I could find was garbage and more garbage.
"Use one of mine." she said as she pointed to her bag in the floor next to my feet.
I pulled out the first one I saw and it was Metallica.
Opened it and slide it into the CD player.
Music started playing.
"Holy shit. Your music taste isn't as bad as you Sasha." Michael said in the back and over the music.
Sasha turned to me.
"Did he just flirt with me?" She whispered in my ear.
I nodded my head.
"Gross!" She had the most disgusted look on her face.

We arrived at my house.
"Well what do we do with that?" I pointed towards the back.
Sasha turned to find Michael spread across the seats and snoring.
"Well he can't drive home and we can't leave him here." she looked up at me.
"No! No no no no! He is not taking one footstep into my house!" I loudly whispered.
"Come on. It will only be a hour or so. It won't kill you." she smirked.
"Yeah but I might kill him." I looked at Michael.
"Wake up douchbag!" I yelled and punched him.
"What the fuck?!" He rubbed his arm.
"Come on whinny baby. Don't be a girl." Sasha said as she got up and out of the car. I did the same.

We all got out of the rust bucket.
"Wow Sasha your house is ginormous!" Michaels eyes were as big as his ego.
"It's not my house. It's Megan's." Sasha walked up to the door.
"Who's?" I looked at him and back at Sasha who was trying to hold back her laughter.
"I'm Megan Douche." I turned to him.
"Oh right. I knew that." He smirked then He pushed by me.
We got inside.
"Ms. Megan. Nice to see you come back. Ms. Sasha. Always a pleasure." Lance came and took our jackets.
"Hey lance. this is Michael. He'll be here for a little while." I walked by him and up the stairs.
"Nice to meet you Mr.Michael." Lance introduced himself.
"Please, call me Michael." they shook hands.
"Will do. If you need anything, I'll be right here." he smiled and walked off.

We got upstairs to my room.
"Well this is depressing." Michael said as soon he came in.
I clenched my fists.
"Well leave if you don't like it." i shouted.
"Nah. I'm fine." he went to my desk chair and sat in it.
"Excuse me? That's my seat." Sasha walked up to michael.
"Sit on my lap." He said as he patted his leg.
"No thank you." Sasha walked to my bed and plopped on it.
I grabbed a granola bar from the plater of food Lance brought up earlier.
"Can I take one." Michael asked as I went to sit on the bed.
"Sure." I said before jumping on top of Sasha.
"Jerk." she laughed out.
"Bitch." I pushed her away.
We had a little laugh.
"Oh I see it now. You guys are lesbians." Michael said out of no where.
Me and Sasha looked at eachother.
then we had a plan.
"Fuck how did you find out. Jezz." Sasha said in a sassy tone.
"Yeah. We were sure we had it undercover." I giggled.
"So how long have you 2 been with eachother."
We looked at eachother.
"What is it? 9 years?" I asked Sasha.
"Yeah. About that." she grabbed my hand.
Michael looked very amused.
"Wow. Lovers since grade 1. That must of had taken commitment." he chuckled.
I took a bit of my granola bar.
"So have you guys had sex yet?" Michael just out of the blue said. It made me choke on my food.
"Dude seriously? We aren't even together. Why would you ask that?!" Sasha yelled out.
Michael started laughing.
"Douchbag." I shouted before turning to my phone.
"Good. So that means I can do this?" Then all of the sudden, Michael comes down and kisses Sasha.
Right in front of me.

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