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Part 5

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Sasha and I are in the nurses office now.
"Megan this didn't just happen with a fall. What happened darling?" Our nice nurse was in today. Thank god.
"I fell down the stairs and I bashed my hand on the floor." I didn't want to tell her about my temper tantrum and tell her i forgot to take my pills this morning.
"Okay. Just be careful next time." She sat finishing the bandaging and then patting my knee.
"Sure will miss." I got up and walked out of the nurses office with Sasha by my side.
I got out of the office and Michael was standing on the opposite wall of the office.
"Hey are you okay?" He asked as soon as I walked out.
"I'm fine. Leave me alone jerk." i held me head down and walked fast away from him, keeping my fists clenched.
"Just give her space man." Sasha yelled as we walked off.
It was lunch time. I was in the bathroom for about one class period cleaning and trying to make everything look like an accident not a total Megan Break Down. Then, I went outside to smoke at recess then to the nurses office for a whole period.
At this school you could be absent for a month and they still wouldn't notice.
We got into Sasha's old beat up truck and decided that today was enough and go back to my place to hang out.
We arrived at my huge house.
"You know, I'll never get tired of driving into this drive way." Sasha broke the comfortable silence.
"I am and I never drove a car yet." I answered as I shut the door behind me.
"I'll teach you everything I know when you get there." Sasha pushed me in a playful way as she picks up her largish messenger bag that was black and blue.
We walked into my house. Said hi to my butler and 2 maids.
"Good afternoon Ms. Megan. Nice to see you again Ms. Sasha. Back from school already?" Lance, my butler asked as he took Sasha and I's jacket from us.
"Yeah. Schools a drag today. We will be in my room. Mind making us something to eat? Thanks."I took Sasha's hand and ran up to my room.
"Sure will Ms. Megan." he walked towards the kitchen.
"Explain to me why you hate this place?" Sasha asked as we walked threw the hallway.
"Because of the people who live here other than Lance and the maids."
I walked into my room to see it spotless other than from this mornings mess. I wasn't surprised. This is basically a everyday thing.
"It must have took you hours to clean this room." Sasha joked as she sat in my super comfy desk chair.
"Haha very funny." I laughed as I threw my bag and threw my shoes onto the floor and flopped onto my bed.
I took my phone out. 4 messages and 3 missed calls.
"What the fuck?!"
They were all from Kevin.
"Shit!" I jumped up and grabbing my shoes.
"We need to go to school. now!" I grabbed my bag again and I grabbed Sasha.
"What? Why?" She whined as we walked out the door.
"I forget to give something to someone."
Trying not to bring up my drug dealing and stuff.
We reached the main floor.
"Leaving already?" Lance asked as he had a plater of snacks.
I grabbed a drink for me and Sasha.
"We will be right back. just leave it in my room." I walked out of the door leaving Sasha there putting her shoes on.
"She forgot something at school." she laughed and ran after me.
I got into the car and buckled my seat belt and waited for Sasha to get into the truck.
"Did someone forget their candy?" She teased as she hopped into the worn out car seat.
"Can we just go and get back?" I never forgotten a deal with Kevin. What is wrong with me? Today was just over the top dramatic.
"Someone's Fanta is bitchy." she took a sip of her Fanta as she shifted in reverse out the driveway.

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