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Part 11

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Kevin had left now and Sasha finally joined me.

She got a salad with only lettuce and tomatoes.

I haven't told her anything that just happened. Or anything from early either.

"So what next?" Sasha said as she picked at her salad.

I ignored her question and looked over her head and I saw the one person i never wanted to see.

"Shit!" I spat as I tried to act cool.

Sasha turned around to see what I was fussing about.

"No fucking way.. dude is he like following us?" She turned back to me.

"That dude is such an asshole." I muttered.

He approached us.

"Looky here, looky here. My 2 favorite girls." he sat next to us.

"Fuck off Michael!" Sasha spat as I looked anywhere but at him.

"Oh come on? Didn't you have fun last night?" He said in his raspy husked voice. Sasha flinched at him touching her.

"Don't touch me!" She swatted her hand which made me giggle.

"How about you Miss. English? Still PMSing??" I gave him a death stare.

"Fuck off dickwaud." I got up from my seat and grabbed my bags. Sasha did the same.

"Where are you guys going? Miss Sasha hardly touched her food. You know you need to eat your greens." he whined.

She stopped and turned as I did the same.

"I just lost my appetite when you arrived." she bitchly said as I laughed.

"Well then that can't be. Because you weren't eating before I came and yesterday at lunch you didn't eat either. So judging by how shinny you are and trust me i know." He chuckled. "You're anorexic."

Disbelief showed of Sasha's face as I tried to hold back my laughter.

"How...how did you.... you..." she just pouted and stomped towards me.

"How did he do that? Did you tell him that? You and I are the only ones who know about this." she was so furious.

"Sasha. Come on. Look at yourself.. you are like twice my height and you weight half of me. It isn't that hard to believe." I chuckled as I looked behind her to find Michael standing behind her.
He grabbed her sides and pulled her closer to him.

"I was right weren't i?" He whispered as he let go of her before leaving.

"Oh yeah and I don't like girls who weigh less than a pillow." he yelled just before he walked away.

"What a jerk." Sasha snapped as we left our spot.

"But Sasha admit it, that was freaking impressive." i laughed just before we went to walk out of the mall.
"shut up." she laughed before throwing her stuff into the back seat of the car we "borrowed from my parents" and drove.

"Ok so where next?" Sasha said as she started driving.

"How about that Music Shop?" I pointed at a small building with the words "Daisey's Music Shop" in bright blue and green lettering.

"Alrighty." She swerved into the parking lot and walked inside.

The store was filled with everything from guitar picks to Band Merch.

"Holy shit!" Sasha screeched as she grabbed the newer Album of Avenged Sevenfold. I laughed and walked past her.

I walked over to the older rock.

Then as I past the cds, I saw old records which I ran to just as I saw them.

I racked through them. I stopped when I touched someones hand but I didn't look at who.

"Sorry." I said just before going back the opposite way.

"Its fine." i heard once again that raspy voice of his.
I looked up to see Michael and only himself smirking as I sorta blushed.

"Are you following me Rusher?" He said now leaning against the rack.

"In your dreams Clifford." I bitchingly said before racking through the records again.

I heard him snicker before he racked through them also.

"So oldies fan?" He asked.

"Yep" I said popping the "p".

I pulled out a old Metallica Record.

"Shit! I was looking for that one." he said before chucking the records down from his hand.

"Then maybe you should've paid more attention on which section you were looking in." I pointed at the M label on the rack and at the W label on the rack he was at.

"Oh. Well shit." he scratched the back of his neck. " That's what you get for having Dyslexia." He nervously chuckled before he sighed. A breeze went by, sending his weed and alcoholic smell.

"If you stayed off of the drinking and smoking maybe you wouldn't have this problem." I snapped before I racked through the records again.

"Hey look! I didn't say anything rude to you. Why you have to be a bitch about everything?" He furiously told me as he grabbed the edge of the rack making his knuckles turn white.

"Yo calm your shit." I snapped back now we were face to face.

I never noticed how green his eyes were. They were like mine.

I saw the redness around his iris probably from weed or anger.
His pupils were dilated.
He was grinding his jaw together.

"Whatever. look who is PMSing now." I walked off past him to look at the posters they had.

I flipped through the large framed posters on the wall.

"Look. I'm sorry. I'm just not in any type of cheerful mood." he started to go through the shirts that were next to me.

"Yeah and the mood you are in right now is lust and you aren't going to get anything from me ok?" I kept flipped through.

He looked up then he crouched down.
I felt him brush against my legs. It made shivers run up and down my body.

I choose a Led Zeppelin poster for Sasha.

I started to walk away.

Then he grabbed my wrist.

"Hey. Take this." he said before putting a piece of paper in my hand. He winked then let me go.

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