Part 9

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We woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.
"Ugh!!" Sasha whined.
"What time is it?" I asked Sasha barley awake.
Sasha turned and reached for the clock. She turned it off.
"Its 8:52." she said calmly.
"Shit. We are late." i calmly said to her.
"Oh well. Better luck tomorrow." she turned back towards me eyes open now.
"What do you want to do today?" I asked as I stretched.
"How about the mall? I need more band shirts." Sasha suggested as she rubbed her eyes and yawned.
"Yeah but first you need to take a shower. You smell like sex." I laughed.
"Shut up!" She hit me. Making me laugh even more.

Sasha took her shower and brushed her teeth. She came out like a new woman.
Her hair looked like blue spaghetti. In a good way.
She was wearing her clothes she keeps here.
Jean shorts and a muscle band shirt of Metallica.
"Rather dashing if you as me." I mimicked my British accent as she walked away.
"Shut up" she laughed and walked into my room.

I took my shower and brushed my teeth. My hair looked like red and blue noodles hanging off of my head.
I was wearing my ripped black jeans and a tank top considering it is still sorta got outside and we will be walking all over.
"Look at you. Same old black jeans i see." She laughed.
"Shut up." I laughed also.

I walked over to my jewelry box and picked up my bracelets.
I saw a few that wasn't mine.
"Are these yours?" I asked Sasha.

"No. mine are at home." she looked confused.

There was an extra bracelet that was made with thick thread. Another looked like a manly friendship bracelet.
The last one was a Nirvana rubber one.

"Hm. I guess I didn't realize I had these."
I slid all of them on my wrists.
I walked over to get my mascara and eye liner.

I did my make up. Classic wing with mascara.
Sasha then did hers after me.
She did a pin-up-girl sorta wing and basic mascara.

We looked at eachother.
"Gorgeous" we both spoke in sync.

We were on our way to the mall which was an hour or so away.

"Sasha?" I said as I was looking out the window.
"Mhm?" She kept her eyes on the road.
I changed my mind on what I wanted to tell her.
"What band shirts do you wanna get?" I asked now looking at her.
"I don't know. I have 3 nirvana ones. I have 2 Metallica ones. a few Of Mice and Men. Also I have 1 Avenged Sevenfold.
So how about some Led Zeppelin, Five Finger Death Punch and Dream Theater." She still kept her eyes on the road.
"How about you?"
She quickly glanced at me.
"I was thinking of a few more bracelets and Patches for my bag. Maybe some shirts. Not 100% sure." I looked out the window again.
"Are you okay? Sasha asked me.
"Yeah. Just a little headache." I lied.
"Are you sure?" She asked again.
"Yeah. it will go away eventually."

We arrived at the mall after a long music filled ride as always.
We walked into the mall. People everywhere but not crowded. Some people her, some people there. We walked by big clusters of people.

We got to Hot Topic.

"Megan! Look! Buy 3 shirts get 2 free! Also jeans are on sale!" Sasha excitingly said as she ran into the store.

I could use for some jeans.

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