"Actually yeah, come in!"

"Who's at the door?" A girl's voice called from behind Mason. "Please say it's the babysitter! We are already running late!" I peered over his shoulder as a thinly framed brunette came into view.

When she reached Mason's side she stared at me up and down. "Hi, I'm Sky, the babysitter." I cringed at the last word, hoping they didn't see my distaste for small children.

"I'm Raven, Mason and Evan's older sister." I outstretched a hand which she grabbed roughly and brought me to her in a hug. "I'm the smarter, prettier one of the family."

"So how big is your family exactly? Any more children I'll be babysitting?" I was already terrified of three, although I wouldn't tell them that, and I'm positive my heart would stop and fall out of my chest if there were more.

"Nope," she said rather cheerily, "Well lets hope. Anyone else you find you can keep."

"Yeah I'm good with that one thanks, I prefer having no siblings." I let out a shaky laugh, Mason looking at me with what could've been suspicion.

"They're right through here," I followed Mason's naked back, resisting the urge to reach out and touch it to see if it's real. Calm down Sky! I chastised, shaking my head to clear my thoughts.

"So how many people live in here?" I turned around to see Raven gone, tripping silently over a carpet beneath my feet.

"Way too many, I've actually lost count," Mason said with a grin, gesturing to a door, "By the way, the party tomorrow night- I forgot to give you my address, but I guess you have it now, it starts whenever you'd like. Try not keep me waiting though," he winked suggestively, looking towards the stairs.

"Evan, get your ass down stairs!" Footsteps came stampeding down until a similar looking Evan came into view, throwing Mason a black vest which he tugged on. "This is Sky, she's in my AP English class and pretty much my only friend in school other than you."

"I'm an amazing only friend to have!" Evan teased, shaking my outstretched hand, "It's lovely to meet you, Mason's only friend."

I gulped as Evan reached for the door handle, not wanting to meet the children. As the white door opened into what looked to be their living room, two blonde and one brunette children turned from the tv to look at me, grinning excitedly.

"These little terrors are Greg, Dawn and Charles." They each grinned in turn with their names, eying me up and down. "This is Sky." I gave a scared little wave and they grinned up at me. I let out a deep sigh of relief that I had not been attacked or clawed at. Yet.

"Have fun, and don't let them scare you away," Mason said in goodbye, grabbing up a set of keys as he and Evan left the room, "We'll be home later!"

"Hi?" I said before three screaming children launched themselves at me.

"Sky," a voice whispered right into my ear, a finger poking at my cheek. "If you don't wake up, I'm going to throw you in the pool." I grumbled, throwing out a hand in effort to shoo whoever it was away as I rolled over onto my side.

"Just five more minutes," I mumbled, rubbing a hand over my eyes as whoever it was persistently poked my side.

"It's time for you to go home though!" I opened an eye, looking at whoever dared awaken me to see an amused looking Mason. "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty."

Groaning I buried my face into the pillow, "What time is it?" I grumbled, yawning into the overly priced smelling couch pillow.

"It's just after midnight," Mason answered, slowly pulling the blanket off of my feet. "Are you ticklish?" I didn't even get a chance to reply before my feet were assaulted, bursts of laughter erupting from my mouth.

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