Deja *POV*

"You Dont Even Have To Worry About Me Anymore" I Said While Walking Towards The Door. "Why?" Did He Realloy Just Ask That Stupid Question? "You Just Kicked Me Out Your House Dude!" "I Didnt Mean To Hurt you Deja" He Said Trying To Pled All Of A Sudden. "I Dont Want Anything To Do With You Anymore!, Im So Done" I Said Ready To Start Crying All Over Again, I Turn And Run Out The House Towards My Car. "Deja Wait Up!" I Heard Jamil Yell After Me. I Stopped And Turned Around. What More Can He Do To My Already Broken Heart. "What Am I Waiting For, Its Obvious Im Not Wanted Here!" "I Dont Wanna Lose You" "You're A Little To Late For That Dont You Think" I Said Taking A Step Back. "You Cant Leave On A Bad Note, I Love You Baby Girl" I Did The One Thing I Said I Wouldnt, I Slapped Him. "How Dare You!, You Dont Know What Love His! What You Did Back There" I Said Pointing To His House "Thats Not Love!" Before I Even Knew What Was Happening I Was On The Ground Holding My Face. He Hit Me, Jamil Smith, My Best Friend Just Hit Me. "Man Deja Im Sorry, You Know I Would Never-" "I Hate You" I Said It But I Didnt Mean It. I Guess Sometimes You Have To Lose To Win.

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