Jamil's *POV*

Man This Girl Taking Forever. "Damn How Long Does This Shit Take", I Said Mumbling To Myself. *RING* *RING* RING* *RING* "Speak!", I Said Answering My Phone. "Daddy When You Coming Over?" Shit Its C'Niya Annoying As, I Really Need To Look At The Number Before I Answer. "Look Niya This Aint A Good Time Right Now", I Said. "Let Me Guess Yo "Best Friend Must Be Over There?", She Said With An Attitude. I Can See Her Rolling Her Eyes Now Smh. "Look You Need To Chill Out With All That, What I Tell You About That Shit!". "You Always Telling Me You Gon Come Over But You Never Do Baby", She Said. "You're My Girl , You Know I Got You C'Niya!" *Hears Somebody Coming Down Stairs* "I Know Bab-" "Swing By Here In A Couple Hours Aight, I Gotta Go". *Hangs UP* "About Time Baby Damn What Took So-" Damnnn.


I Need Help Uploading Pictures, If You Know How Can You Please Message Me!


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