Deja *POV*

I Had Just Arrived Home And I Was Currently Unlocking My Door. When I Walked In I Seen My Booty Call Amber Walking Around The House In Her Bra. "Wassup Baby Girl" I Said Walking Up To Her. "Hey Baby" She Said While Giving Me A Kiss."What You Been Up To?" I Asked Looking Her Up And Down. "Nothing Just Got Out The Shower" " I Can See That" I Said While Licking My Lips. Damn This Girl Going To Be The Death Of Me. "Wanna Taste Me?" I Heard Her Ask. "Shit You Don't Have To Ask Me Twice" I Said While Smirking. I See Amber Run Up The Stairs To My Bedroom . She Already Knows Wassup. I Jog Up The Stairs To My Room And See Her Playing With Herself, Getting Ready For Me. I Slowly Make My Way Towards Her, When I Finally Reach Her I Waste No Time In Taking Off The Little Clothing She Had On. "Come Here Baby" I Heard Her Say. I Pushed Amber On Her Back And Begun To Leave Trails Of Kisses All Over Her Body. "Where Do You Want Me To Start?" I Asked Her While Grabbing Her Breasts And Licking Her Nipples. "Anywhere You Want" I Heard Her Moan Out. I Smirked And Grabbed Her Neck Making Out With Her. I Go Back To Her Breast, Massaging The Left One While Licking Circles Around Her Right One. "You Like That Huh" "Mhm" I Heard Her Moan. I Start Biting On Her Nipple Softly Making Her Moan Even Louder. I Noticed She Started To Play With Herself Again. I Moved Her Hand And Started To Make My Way Down Slowly. I Licked Her Once And Seen Her Jump In Anticipation, I Grab Her Thighs And Push My Tongue Deeper. I Start Doing Little Circles First Then I Start Sucking On Her Pussy Roughly. "Fuck! Baby Im About To Cum" I Heard Her Say. I Start Going Faster Until She Finally Does, I Waste No Time And Immediately Start Cleaning Her Up. Not Wasting A Drop."That Was Amazing" She Said After She Got Her Breathing Under Control. All I Could Do Was Smirk Because I Already Knew That My Head Game Was Fire. I See Her Stand Up Then Push Me On The Bed. "Now Its Your Turn Daddy" Is All I Heard Before She Went Down On Me.

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