Deja *POV*

"Boo Dang" I Said While Rolling My Eyes. "Dang You Sexy Asf Baby" He Said Still Checking Me Out. "I Already Know This" I Said Laughing While Flipping My Hair Over My Shoulders. "So You Ready.. Or Nah?" I Asked, Clicking My Tongue. "Nah I'ma Be There Ina A Minute You Go Ahead Without Me" He Said While Looking At Something On His Phone. "Alright Then I Guess" I Said, Grabbing My Towel And Going Outside. Man It Got Worst Outchea. *20 Minutes Later* What Is This Boy Doing. I Been In The Pool For 20 Minutes Now And He Still Not Out Here Yet, Sometimes I Feel Like He Hiding Something. "I Thought You Was Coming Out-" He Forever On That Damn Phone. "Ay Let Me Call You Back" He Said, Hanging Up The Phone. "Bae I Was Coming, I Just Had To Make A Phone Call Real Quick" He Said While Trying To Hug Me, Key Word TRYING. "Whatever Jamil Its Forever Some Shit With You Dude". "You Need To Chill The Fuck Out, It was Just  Phone Call You Act Like You Caught Me Fucking A Bitch" He Said While Moving Away From Me. "You Never Know With Your Sneaky Ass" I Said While Heading Up Stairs To Get My Shit. "Yeah Whatever Deja" I Heard Him Yell.  

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