The Next Day

Jamils *POV*

I Was Laying On The Couch Watching The Miami Heat Game. "Lets Go Miami!!" *Door Bell Ring* What Is She Doing Here? , C'Niya Is Upstairs. "Yo Whats Good?" "Boy If You Don't Move And Let Your Bestfriend In" She Said While Pushing Me Out Of The Way. Damn Baby Girl Looking Fire As Always Today. I Hear C'Niya Calling My Name. Shit! This Must Be Karma Coming To Bite Me In The Ass. " Who Is That?" Deja Asked. "Thats Just My Company" I Said Trying Not To Answering The Question. "Obviously" She Said Rolling Her Eyes, She Leans Up And Kisses Me. "What Was That For?" I Asked Smiling. "Yall Fucking?" She Asked My Unexpectedly. My Smile Immediately Disappears. "What?" I Should Have Figured She Always Been Straight Forward. "Nothing" She Said. "Hol Up Let Me See What She Wants" "Mm" "I'ma Be Right Back" I Said While Shaking My Head And Leaving. "Tale Your Time For All I Care" I Heard Her Mumble. I Swear She Crazy. I Thought To Myself While Chuckling. I Went In My Room And Seen C'Niya Wide Awake With The Sheet Wrapped Around Her Body. "Wassup Baby?" "I Thought I Heard A Female Voice" She Said While Standing Up, Letting The Sheet Drop. "Yeah, That's Just My Besfriend" I Stated While Licking My Lips. "Well Get Rid Of Her So We Can Finish Round 5". "I Cant Do That But As Soon As She Leave I Got You Aight Ma?" "Whatever, But Can You Bring Me Some Water Please?" "Fashho" I Walked Back Down Stairs And See Deja Slamming Cabinets Like They Did Something To Her. "Aye!" I Said While Walking Up To Her And Holding Her Waist. "What?" She Asks With A Whole Attitude. "Why You So Upset Baby Girl?" "Im Not" She Says While Bending Down To Pick Up A Bowl She Dropped. "You Shouldnt Do That" I Told Her While Pulling Her Back Up. "Do What" She Asks Trying To Be All Innocent. "Bending Over On Me" Especially With An Ass Like Yours.

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