Deja *POV*

They Really Still Making Out Like Im Not Standing. "Deja I Think Its Best If You Leave" He Said While Gripping That Bitch Ass. To Say Im Hurt Is An Understatement. "What?" "You Gotta Bounce Shawty" "You Going To Pick Her Over Me? I Been There For You For Years!, I Been There When Bitches Was Out Here Playing You, When Your Cousin Died, Shit I Even Fought Bitches For You!" Now I Was Full On Crying. All He Did Was Look At C'Niya And Then Me. "You're Not In The Best State Right Now Deja, Just Go Home And Relax" "You Know What Fuck You!, You Knew How I Felt For You!" All I Cold Do Is Think Of All The Memories We Had Together At My House. The Times He Let Me Cry On His Shoulder , The Heartbreaks From Boyfriends. We Were Everything To Each Other And Now That All Goes Out The Window Because He Gets A New Girl. I Wished You Loved Me Like I Love You.

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