Jamil *POV*

She Forever Trippn Over The Smallest Things. *RING* *RING* *RING* *RING* "Yeah" I Said Already Knowing Its C'Niya. "Can I Come Over Daddy", She Said Sounding All Sexy. Shit I Might As Well Since Deja Got Me All Stresed. "Fashho Ma, Lemme Know When You Outside" "Who Do You Have Coming Over?" I Heard Deja Ask. Fuck I Forgot She Was Here. "Chase Said He Was Sliding Through, Aint You Finna Leave Anyways?" I Asked, Hoping She Says Yeah. I Seen Her Roll Her Eyes "Damn If You Want Me Gone Just Say So Shit I See How You Treating Your Bestfriend Of 2 Years". I Know What Yall Thinking How Am I Going To Tell My Bestfriend Of 2 Years That Not Only Have I Been Playing With Her Feelings But I Also Have A Girlfriend For A Year Now, And Whats Worst Is That They Never Even Met Before. "Im Sorry Baby, Gimme Kiss"  She Comes And Straddles Me While Kissing Me Like Im Going To Disappear. "Aight Well Ima Call You Later Boo" She Said While Getting Up And Heading Towards The Door.

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