Deja *POV*

I Turned Around And Looked At Him. " You Not Ready For All This Jamil, All You Like To Do Is Play Games With My Emotions" "But I Want You" He Said While Lickin His Lips. "Mm" Thats All I Can Say. Im In Love With You But You're To Stupid To See It, The Only Reason I Have Amber Is Because I Cant Have Jamil. I'll Drop Everyone And Everything For This Boy. "Deja-" He Started But Couldnt Because Of Some Girl Coming Down Stairs In His Shirt. "Jamil What Happened To My Water" Asked The Hoe. I Seen Him Turn Around To Respond To Her, All I Could Do Is Move Away From Him. "Oh, You Must Be Deja" She Stated Looking Me Up And Down. "I See He Told You About Me, Funny He Never Seemed To Mention You" I Said While Looking Directly At Jamil. "C'Niya This Is Deja My Bestfriend, Deja This Is C'Niya My Girlfriend". Girlfriend? Thats The Only Thing That Kept Repeating In My Head. "Hi" I Heard His "Girlfriend" Say. "Mmm" Was My Response. "Deja Dont Start" Jamil Said. "When Was You Going To Tell Me" I Tried To Hide The Hurt But I Couldnt. "Deja Look I Know You Have Feelings For Me But I Dont Feel The Same, I Been Dating C'Niya For A Year Now". He Said It Like It Was Nothing. "Baby You Dont Have To Explain Shit To Her" Said The Hoe. "Who Was Talking To You!" I Said Towards His Girl. Shaking My Head "I Cant Believe You Jamil, After Everything We Been Through" "Deja You're Crazy For Even Feeling That Way Towards Me". "All The 2AM Phone Calls, The Picnics, The Dates, The Late Night Visits.. All Of That Means Nothing!" I Said With Tears Falling. He Tried To Touch Me But I Moved. "No! Dont Fucking Touch Me!". I Seen C'Niya Go Towards Jamil And Kiss Him. Do You Believe He Even Had The Nerve To Kiss Her Back. I Been The Best Best Friend I Could Possibly Be And This Is The Thanks I Get, I Cant Believe Im In Love With Him.

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