Deja's POV*

"Man Its Hot Asf Dude", I Said While Wiping My Forehead. "Man You Aint Never Lied", Replied Jamil. They Were In His Backyard And They Were Debating On If They Wanted To Jump In The Pool For A Quick Swim. "Bae, Do You Wanna Join Me In The Pool?", I Asked. "If I Get To See You In A Bathing Suit Then Hell Yeah". Well Aint He Excited. "Calm Down Damn", I Said While Laughing. "Shut Up And Go Get Dressed" He Said While Mugging Me. "You Better Stop Making That Face With Ya Ugly Ass". " You Wish I Was Ugly" He Said, Flexing His Muscles. "Whatever" I Said Waving Him Off. "Now Stop Ma And Go Get Dressed, I'll Meet You Here In 5", He Said While Spanking My Ass. I Just Rolled My Eyes At His Childish Ass.

This Is My First Time Doing A Story, I'm Doing My Best.

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