Chapter Three

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It was the second week of summer and it's so good so far. Well at least for Amanda and all the other kids going to Kings Highschool. Amanda and Avery are going out to see a new movie. They have been wanting to see this movie forever. Avery and her mom went to Amanda's house to pick her up.As they were getting dropped off, they saw this boy. Avery's mom quickly dropped them off and the girls ran into the theatre to catch up with him. Avery and Amanda politely introduced them selves. And so did he. His name is Stephen. He is currently attending Kings High school. Not to mention he is a junior. Stephen was going to see a horror movie. He sacrificed his movie to to watch Amanda and Avery's movie with them. Stephen was sitting between the two girls. 30 minutes after the movie started he slowly put his arm around Amanda. Could this mean he likes Amanda?
Amanda didn't know how to react. So she slowly laid her head against his shoulder. This was a turning point for both of them. Just meeting each other an hour ago and all of this just happened. She remembered that Stephen is about three years older than her.
Stephen leaned his head towards Amanda and kissed her cheek. Avery storms out of the theatre. It looks like she is mad about Amanda and Stephen. Amanda quickly hops out of her seat to go find Avery. Once she caught up to her she asked what's wrong. Avery said that she came to see a movie with her best friend. Not for a stranger boy to sit between them and become closer to Amanda. Amanda is completely shocked and frustrated that Avery would make a big deal about such a thing. It's only a movie and yet Avery is making it unjoyable.
Avery goes back into the theatre. Not to watch the movie, but to pick up her things and leave. This means Amanda doesn't have a ride home. Avery doesn't say bye or anything. She just leaves. Amanda sits back down with Stephen. He offers to take Amanda out for lunch and then home because she doesn't have a ride. Amanda says that will be great. After the movie ended they to out for lunch at the Burger Bom.
Stephen starts to ask Amanda different questions about her. Such as favorite color, favorite food, hobbies, school information, and more. It felt like an interview, according to Amanda. Question after question after question. Then Stephen asked if she got accepted into Kings Highschool. Amanda was happy she could reply with a yes. Stephen said he could give her a little tour if she wanted. She was t sure if she wanted that but se would take that into consideration.

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