Chapter Seven

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It was the last day of summer and Amanda had lots to do. She woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. Her mom made French toast and a fruit bowl. Amanda loved fruit so much that she would take it instead of other foods. After breakfast Amanda went upstairs it get dressed for the day. She took a warm, hot shower to relieve the stress for the day to come. She had to prepare for Highschool. In doing so, she had to go clothes shopping and school supply shopping. After her shower she threw on a pair of jeans, a t-short, and a comfortable pair of tennis shoes. When Amanda goes out shopping she likes to keep it simple and comfortable. Especially knowing you will be walking around to different stores.
Amanda grabbed her wallet and went back downstairs where her mom waited for her. They went school supply shooting first. The store was crowded with lots of children. There were kids running around ail to ail. There was screaming and crying all around. This was the last thing they wanted to hear. It's already stressful going to a new school, more so Highschool. They didn't let the crying and the running get in their way. Amanda and her mom made it down every ail, tossing in binders and books. Amanda always loved when it was time to get a pencil pouch and pens. She was not the normal teenage girl getting sparkly stuff. She liked the simple black pencil pouch and regular mechanical pencils.
After school supply shopping, Amanda and her mom headed to the outlet mall. Amanda needed to get some new clothes for the new year. This was almost a tradition. New clothes.

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