Chapter Five

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It was later that night when Amanda remembered that Stephen was coming over. Amanda didn't really know why Stephen wanted to come over. It was not like they were dating. They just saw each other at the theatre and that was the beginning. Had Stephen seen Amanda before the movies?
Amanda went around her house picking up all the trash. She made her bed and cleaned her room. She put so much effort into making her house look clean. Amanda knew that her mom would be suspicious when she gets home. Amanda never cleans the house, that's why her mom would be curious. Amanda would not want to tell her mom that a guy she just met was coming over. Amanda was hoping he mom wouldn't ask, or Stephen would be the last.
Stephen showed up exactly on time. He rang the doorbell twice. Amanda opened the door and greeted him with a hello. But that's not how he greeted her. He quickly wrapped his arms around her and began to cry. Amanda didn't know what to say. Had she done something wrong? Had Bella done something wrong? Had Avery done something wrong? She didn't know but she would soon find out.
Amanda welcomed Stephen into her house. He denied. Amanda was shocked and a but mad because she cleaned the house for nothing. Why wouldn't Stephen want to come into the house? It wasn't harmed! Stephen told Amanda to take a walk with him. So that's what they did. They walked through the woods, along a trail. It was a really nice day outside. The sun was shining bright and the wind was blowing. Stephen stopped at a tree. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box. He opened it and there was a necklace. A beautiful silver necklace that had a heart. A heart that meant love. Stephen asked is Amanda wanted to be his girlfriend.
This was a hard decision for Amanda to make. Of course she wanted to say yes but there was many side effects. She didn't want to ruin her relationship between Bella and even Avery. Then she didn't know if her mom would approve. Lastly, she even knew the boy. But all of that stuff doesn't matter. There was a special connection between them and nothing could stop her from saying...

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