Chapter One

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It's the last day of eighth grade and Amanda and all of her friends are ready for the summer. Thirty minutes until the bell would ring and school would be dismissed for the summer. Amanda didn't have lots of plans for summer considering she only had two friends, Avery and Bella. Amanda was a straight A student with a perfect attendance and behavior record. School came first before everything such as games, sports, friends, and boys. Amanda didn't care much for boys, in fact, boys was the last thing she would think about. Her parents, especially, were happy about that. Amanda has a younger brother in second grade, Ryan. Ryan was the opposite of Amanda. He was the sporty type of child who plays basketball and baseball. He was not a good student. He would bring in bad behavior slips multiple times a week.
The last class of the day, in other words the last class of the whole school year, or in happier words the last class ever taken at Kings Elementary School was always the hardest class. This was for three reasons. First, summer is minutes away. Second, everyone will receive their letters stating if they got into Kings Highschool. Third, it was the last time the class will be all together. Imagine not knowing if you will be separated from your friends or not for years.
Once the class has received each of their personal letters, the room broke out into laughter and talk. Avery and Bella walked over to Amanda, asking what her letter said. Turns out that every student got into Kings High school except Amanda. This means Amanda will be at a new school all alone with no previous friend relationships. Amanda doesn't know how to react because she had a perfect attendance, perfect grades, and perfect behavior. That's all that a student needed to get into high school and Amanda obviously didn't meet those requirements according to Kings High school.

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