Chapter 11

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It was the morning of he second day of school and Amanda did not want to go. She did not know what would happen. She began to have the chills and she was shaking throughout her whole body. As Amanda stepped out of her bed and began to get ready, her phone rang. It was Stephens mom. They talked on the phone for about ten minutes until Amanda received news that Stephen was dead. This was the worst news Amanda has ever recieved. She was told that he had taken drugs and was addictive for quite some time.
Amanda was crying heavily. She thought that maybe he took the drugs because of her. Or maybe it was because of Avery. Stephen was hanging out with the cool and trouble makers. Had those girls changed him? All Amanda could think about was that Stephen was GONE!
Amanda was going to skip school that day. She could not control her tears. She didn't need to be embarrassed with all her makeup covering her face. Amanda sat don her bed and continued sobbing. All her memories are gone. Well, she will remember them, she won't be able to relive them.
Amanda didn't know what to do next. Sadly, she had the thought of committing subside. But she didn't. She may just lay there until her time has come. Stephen was so important to her. It was love at first sight. It was Amanda's first true love. It was Amanda's one live. And it was Amanda's best friend.
Amanda is heart broken. She had received the news ten minutes ago but it felt like 10 days ago. Time is passing by too slowly that she is going crazy. She remembers Stephen and everything about him. His lovely smile, his handsomeness, and his heart. She pics up several pictures of him and takes a walk. She visited the tree one last time. She dug a hole and placed down the pictures. She said a few prayers, hoping for a response. There was none. Noting. She thought that Stephen didn't want to be on this earth for a reason so why would he respond. He didn't want to see Amanda every again so why would he respond.
She began to cry. She missed Stephen so much. More than someone could subscribe. More than anything. But Amanda knew Stephen was in a good place. Nothing could harm him. He would be looking over his family and most importunity, Amanda. From that moment on there tree will always be something special. That tree will have a deep spot in their hearts. It will always be Stephen and Amanda's tree because it was engraved. It belonged to them. Amanda wing forget it because everything amazing happened Under The Tree.

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