Chapter Eight

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It was the first day of Highschool. Amanda's mom hurried up to Amanda's room in excitement. Amanda was not exited at all. She didn't want to be the one who gets picked on by seniors. That was her worst fear. Even though waking up at six in the morning and going to school was not Amanda's favorite, she still got up. She immediately went into her bathroom and took a shower. After her shower she put on some jeans and a plaid shirt. That was Amanda's way of dressing for the first day. She slipped in some black boots. She didn't accessorize in any way, shape, or form. Usually the name Amanda is a girly name but Amanda's personality did not fit that. Then she headed back into he bathroom to take down the towel that wrapped up her hair and then style it. She blow dried her hair until the dampness went away. Amanda took out her curling iron. The one girly thing she cared about was her hair. It had to be perfect everyday, but today was not the case. As she was curling her hair the curls kept falling out. Nothing would stay curly. Suddenly all her hair frizzed up. Amanda did not have time for this. She tried using lots of hair products to fix the problem but nothing would work. Amanda gave up, took off her clothes, and hopped back in the shower. She was hoping that all the frizz would go away from being wet. And that was exactly what it did. She blow dried her hair again when her mom gave her a two minute warning. Amanda still had to finish blow drying her hair,put on her make up, eat breakfast, and organize her bookbag. There was no way she could finish it all.
Amanda walked into school completely clueless. She looked like a monkey tied her up in the zoo. She had no make up on, her hair was in a ponytail still wet, and she didn't have breakfast. Amanda kept searching for Bella and Avery but they were nowhere to be found. Amanda gave up after fifteen minutes. She headed right to he locker. Amanda's locker number was somewhere in the sixhundreds. She wasn't sure which one but she would find out sooner or later. She tried her combination on every locker. Amanda was not sure why they would give her a locker combination but not the locker number. After checking seventy-three lockers she found the right one. She took out a pen to write her locker number down. Amanda unloaded all of her books, only keeping the ones she needed. Amanda did not have every class everyday. She had four classes a day. So every other day she would have the same class. Amanda liked this more so if she had a mean teacher she wounding have to see him/her every day. As Amanda turned around two older guys, looked like seniors, bumped into her. Amanda knew right away that her high-school experience would be terrible. The taller boy called Amanda a pig. He asked if she needed a cleanup because of her no makeup face. Amanda was mad. She could not believe what they said. The two guys "apologized" for bumping into her and left. As they made an exit they
were laughing loudly. Amanda had a discussed look on her face. Almost a look of annoyance.
The first bell rang. Amanda was trying to find her way to the Math room. As she opened the math room door she saw Bella. Bella screamed Amanda's name in excitement. They hugged each other and then sat down. Bella asked what happened to Amanda. Amanda said she didn't have enough time to put on makeup. Bella totally understood. The second bell rang. The teacher made and epic entrance. It was an old wicked looking lady. She had dark dark brown hair and brown eyes. The teacher introduced herself. Immediately after that everyone was looking around the room with a scared facial expression. The teachers name was Mrs. Nacho. Mrs. Nacho had a deep, deep voice. It almost sounded like she was a smoker. Mrs. Nacho asked for complete silence as she introduced the material for the semester.
There was this loud sound. It almost sounded like thunder. Amanda felt it in her. She wasn't sure if there was an earthquake or something. But then she realized. It was her empty stomach. Everyone started laughing. Amanda was totally embarrassed. So embarrassed that she quickly got up and ran out of the classroom. The class got a little louder by the second. Amanda ran into the bathroom, entered a stall, locked and shut the door. She began to cry. She was embarrassed because everyone was laughing at her and then worst of all, calling her names. All she could think of is the sight of Stephen laughing too. Amanda said to herself that he probably was laughing at something else but then she had a reality check....Stephen was laughing at her.

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