Chapter 6

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It was the last week of summer and Amanda wanted to spend it with the people she loved most. So, she invited Bella, Avery, and Stephen over for a little party. Honestly it was not much of a party. It was more of a hang out. Amanda's mom picked up food, drinks, and decorations. They cleaned the house and waited for the guests to arrive. Avery arrived first. Amanda was happy that she did so they could talk things out. The two girls haven't talked since the beginning of summer. It was a long time since they had talked and they both didn't like it. Avery apologized first. She said that the fight was stupid and it doesn't really matter anymore. Amanda apologized too. She said that she should have hung out with her best friend more and not let Stephen be a distraction. They talked things out and they are now starting fresh again. This was good because they were good friends and nothing should get in the way of their friendship.
Then Bella arrived. She came with lots of foodies and treats. She also brought some really cool party decorations. You could tell she was ready to get the party started. Although, Amanda doesn't know who's much of a party it's going to be.
Stephen arrived thirty minutes late. Amanda was so glad he was able to make it. She knew that it was not going to be an easy announcement but it was an announcement she had to make soon. Stephen walked in the door and set his things down. He went and greeted Bella and Avery. Avery acted like she loved seeing Stephen. This was odd, but odd in a good way. Maybe Avery got passed the fight and started fresh. Who knew, all Amanda was thinking about is how happy she is and what the future will hold.
Everyone was having a good time. The food was wonderful and so was the music. While Avery and Bella were talking in the other room, Stephen and Amanda escaped outside for a minute. Amanda led this time. She led him out to the tree. She had a few things to ask Stephen about. When they arrived at the tree, Stephen brought her over and had her lean against the tree. Stephen put one arm against the tree and got closer to her. Amanda made the first to speak. She asked why Stephen was crying. Stephen paused for a second and looked down. Yet, Stephen sill refused to admit. Amanda became more suspicious by the minute. And then Stephen admitted it. FHe had recently been caught driving drunk. He told Amanda the whole story. Amanda was more concerned then ever before. It almost looked like he was about to shed a few tears again. The. Stephen said what was about to happen. He is going to loose his drivers licens. He couldn't drive over so see Amanda. That was a loose/ loose situation. Not only that. There was more to it and it was beyond Stephen. Then he said that his parents are putting him up for adaption. Amanda immediately hugged him. She began to cry. Words could not describe how bad she felt for him. It was miserable to hear that someone's parents don't want him anymore. Moreover, her boyfriends parents. Amanda was comforting him by helpful words of wisdom. She promised that everything happens for a reason. Amanda knew there was something she had to do to help. Her idea was more then help, it was a $30,00 bill.
Stephen let go of Amanda and reached in his pocket. He pulled out a knife. A small but sharp knife. He held it in front of him. Stephen said that the knife is sharp, but it can't have the power to cut you unless you let it. That meant that there will be lost of hard situations but if you keep going and believe, nothing can hurt you. Amanda was still whipping her tears away. Stephen took out the knife from its knife holder and placed it against the tree. He started cutting these of the tree. He made half of a heart. He handed over the knife to Amanda. She began to make the other half of heart when Stephen laid his hand on top of hers. When the heart was complete, Stephen kissed Amanda. This time it was on the lips. They began to walk back to the house. As they entered the door Avery and Bella were clapping. How could they see so far back in the woods? How could they see under the tree?

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