Chapter Ten

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Amanda could not have been more furious at both Stephen and Avery. Avery and Stephen were dating! This could have been the worst first day of Highschool. Amanda quickly left the situation, returning to her home. As she walked in, her parents were waiting for news. News about boys, friends, work, and high school in general. Amanda said not want to talk about it. She told her parents everything went wrong and that was all she would say. She didn't want to talk about how she was humiliated by the whole class because he stomach was hungry, or even how Stephen is cheating on her with AVERY! Amanda didn't know what to think of Avery anymore. Was Avery trying to get revenge?
Amanda did her usual afternoon routine. Get home, drop off books, get food, eat, eat, eat, homework, dinner, phone, sleep, sleep, and sleep. This time she delayed homework to call Stephen. No answer. She called again. No answer. Amanda began to think it was all over.

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