Chapter Four

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Amanda wasn't happy about what went on at the theatre. She was very confused too. So much had happened so quickly. But there was nothing she could do to take back the past. Whatever happened, happened and there is no going back now. Amanda calls up Bella for help. Bella doesn't know what to do and how to help with Avery and Amanda's situatation. Bella suggests she just de friends Avery and move on. But how could Amanda do that to her best friend for years? There was no way that was going to happen, so she moves on to the next suggestion. Which was to to go to her house, pick her up, and to shopping. This time Bella was invited. Amanda invited Bella for backup if needed. She doesn't thing she will need it but it's better to have back up than losing a fight with her best friend.
Bella arrives at Amanda's house. Amanda calls up her mom from upstairs and asked if she could take the girls to the mall. So they all got into the car and drove away to Avery's house. They rang the doorbell. There was no answer. They rang the doorbell again. There was no answer. Then they rang the doorbell again and Avery's mom answers. She is wondering why they girls are there. It was obvious she didn't like the girls because of the fight. There was no question that she knew about it. Avery must have told her. There really is no problem with what had happened anyways. Bella asks if Avery is around and her mom said yes. She told the girls to wait outside for a few minutes until Avery comes out. So that's what the girls did, they waited outside. Amanda and Bella were surprised they did not get a "come on in and wait" kind of greeting. But they still waited.
Ten minutes later Avery came out. She was wondering why Bella and Amanda were there. It was almost like Avery saw Amanda as an enemy. More like a frenemy. Amanda apologized for what happened at the theatre, but Avery didn't forgive her. Bella asked Avery if she wanted to go to the mall. Avery replied with a no and shut the girl.
Thankfully, Amanda's mom was still waiting for the girls to come out. She had a bit of a confused face on why Avery is not with them. None of the girls had an answer. Amanda and Bella ended up going shopping without Avery.
Once they got at the mall they immediately started shopping. The mall was very busy so it was impossible to find people they know. They took the elevator up to level four. Bella and Amanda visited almost every store in the mall, losing very penny they owned. After they shopped they went down to the food court to grab lunch. Bella separated to go grab pizza and Amanda separated to go get Mexican food. They would meet back up in twenty minutes and find a table to eat at. As Amanda was waiting in line to order food, she bumped into Stephen. They were both shocked that they were able to find each other in the busy mall. Stephen sakes if they want to grab a table together. Amanda thought back to what happened before. When you have a friend over and your "wanna have bae" comes up to you... It doesn't always turn out the right way. Amanda had to say no. She didn't want to lose her other best friend. Stephen said that was ok. Then he told her to meet him at his house at six o'clock tonight. She said she would love to. Twenty minutes passed and Bell and Amanda met up to finds a table. Amanda was not sure she should tell Bella about Stephen being at the mall. She didn't want Bella to think she had planned it all along. So, she decided it was not a good idea to speak of it.

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