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Chapter Two

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It's officially the first day of summer. Amanda was exited because she go to stay up past her 9:00 bed time and sleep in. But unfortunately this summer will nor be the same. She will be leaving all of her friends while they go off to Kings High school and she goes to Queens High school. Her two best friends won't even be her friends anymore considering they won't see each other anymore.
Amanda doesn't want to spend her whole summer thinking about leaving all her friends. She has scheduled a meeting with the Kings Elementary School principal, Kings High School principal, all her teachers, and her parents. They will discuss the reasons why Amanda didn't get into the high school she had hoped to get into.
That day came and Amanda was very exited to show everyone she should be accepted into Kings High School. This could be the magical day that her letter is changed and she is accepted. This could be the best change so far in Amanda's life or she could remain sad, not going to the high school she wanted. Amanda and her parents got into the car, rushing over to Kings Elementary School. Thy quickly but slowly hopped out of the car heading towards the principals office. The principal said that Amanda was a perfect student with excellent grades. The reason she was not excepted was because of two things. First, she barely had any friends. Second, her skirt was too long. For those stupid reasons Amanda doesn't get accepted into Kings High school. The meeting could not be any longer. It was very silent meeting but after a while everyone felt more comfortable.
After the meeting Amanda and her parents went straight home. Amanda went up to
her room and laid on the bed for a while. She called Bella first and told her the news. Then she called Avery and told her the news. She was on the phone for about two hours talking. Then she began to cry. This was the first time in a while Avery has began to cry in a while. As a matter of fact it has been years since she had last cried. This wasn't a sad cry. This was a happy cry.

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