Chapter Nine

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Amanda silently entered back into the classroom. As she opened the door everyone turned around. One kid shouted out "hey look it's the growling bulldog". Amanda wasn't going to let that get in her way. She responded with a "thank you very much". Everyone began throwing paper at Amanda. Amanda looked at Stephen in the back of the room. He was trying to cover his laugh but it wasn't working the way he wanted it to. Amanda gave him a look of un satisfaction. He knew what that meant but this time he didn't care. Amanda then looked at Bella who was also laughing. Amanda went to her desk and resumed class.
The bell rang and every High schooler jumped up and pushed out the door. Sitting in a class for an hour was not on the top of everyone's wish list. Amanda started walking down the hall when she saw Staphen. Stephen was surrounded with about seven girls around them. These girls had to be at least a sophomore, more like a junior. Of course they were older then Amanda but they were prettier too. They all wore make up, they all had fashionable clothes, and they all had on heals. Amanda ran over to Stephen, gave him a kiss in the cheek and began having a normal day to day conversation. The look on his face was not an exited look. It was a scared look. Stephen interrupted her and then began introducing his "new friends". They all had rich kid names: Abigale, Brittney, Amelia, Avery, Addison, Gabriella, and Aubrey. Amanda introduced herself. She thought Stephen was going to do it for her, but he didn't. A few seconds after, Amanda recognized her best friend. It was Avery. Had Avery become one of them. Had those girls accepted Avery in their group? Amanda was furious. Avery asked Amanda what she was doing there. Avery walked up to Stephen and held his hand. Avery then said..."meet my new boyfriend".

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