I'm Being Adopted by... One Direction?

Grace is a thirteen year old girl, with a past not many children have. Most children can live a life with parents, or even one parent and be happy, being able to laugh without being punished. Grace had secrets, too many to count. For one she was abused, physically, emotionally and worst of all sexually. Her mother dumped her on her father's doorstep when she was four. Her mother then turned to drugs and was never seen or heard of again, and her father abused her, badly. These are just some of the secrets that created and messed with her life. Grace went to the Orphanage that was the only one in London that would accept her, it wasn't clean, fixed, and barley had running water. Then something unimaginable happens to her. One Direction adopts her. But will she be able to trust them? And what happens when people from Grace's horrifying past comes lurking her way? In this story of love, heartbreak, fighting, crying, will this 13 year old be able to survive? Or get lost in her winding road that she calls her life? *PLEASE NOTE THAT IN THE BEGINNING THE CHAPTERS WILL BE VERY CARROTY AS THEY WERE WRITTEN IN 2012*
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Most cutest teddy bear name I've ever heard! Omg... Stupid ass father....just...ugh.sorry for language
i got lock in a closet by my mother and step dad and I was left at my bars front porch step :'(
Wish you could give me some pointers on how to write a good book. This is really good.
this is a great story but sad...you inspired me to make my own :) type in IzzyBell2002 and you'll find it...plz check it out
I still get like ten minute showers and my family sends every one of me and my six brothers and sisters to a school that costs 2400 dollars per person.
amazing I'm gonna read this entire story and start rating it when I near the end of it :) it's good so far

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