I'm Being Adopted by... One Direction?

"sometimes freedom is what we desire; but what we desire isn't always what we need." chapters in the beginning may be carroty, they were written in 2012. COMPLETED, SEQUEL COMING NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014.
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I feel like is my fault and I don't know why...I just want to kill that bastard fuckking animal! Go to hell Jack!
i already read the copied version of this im hella pissed that sucks this deserves more readers
They already have billions of fans what is this life they are so not lacking in popularity
@live_to_be_someone well if you think about it, if you were there that means you can't get adopted
Evrything is about Mr. Snuggles... How about the fact tht the poor gurl wuz abused, javla skit!!!
Check @the_awkward_penguin for mi comment. Rhymin like a baussss!!! Tht's all I'm contributing to this page.

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