I'm Being Adopted by... One Direction?

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Kenzie By Kenzie Completed
"when you said your last goodbye
i died a little bit inside
i lay in tears in bed all night
alone without you by my side
but if you loved me
why'd you leave me?"

chapters in the beginning may be carroty, they were written in 2012. COMPLETED, SEQUEL COMING NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014.
my shower includes: 15 minutes of washing and 40 minutes thinking about the meaning of life and how we are all gonna die someday. (i watch way too much danisnotonfire)
did everyone just skip her explaination at the beginning?! wtf lmfao she didnt copy
i laughed so hard when it said "jim, bob,tom ....".  i cant be the only one
Same...I like to just stand there in the hot water for like 45 minutes then the rest of the time I actually wash my hair
My kindergarten teacher always said criss cross apple sauce hand in your lap, eyes on the teacher and that is that
I remember back then in kindergarten my teacher always said "criss cross apple sauce hands in your lap" huhh the good old