FOR THAT.
      Because they want us to live Happily because they keep us Strong, because they are the Story of My Life. They show me that wearing a Little Black Dress is okay. I have Midnight Memories of fangirling and Right Now I am too. As I struggle to find the phone charger Through The Dark, they show me Something Great and they tell me to get some sleep. Even though my name is _____ and they call me Diana, it’s between You and I.
      They’ll never let me Forget Where I Belong, as when Mom tells us that we’ll never meet them it’s Little White Lies. I mean Why Don’t We Go There? To the Meet and Greets? Does father know, Does He Know that we’ll be charging his credit card later for the tickets? With them I’m Alive and without them I’d have Half a Heart. 
      Demi Lovato is my main inspiration 
      {x} 600 FANFICTION 
      {x} 550 FANFICTION
      {x} 450 FANFICTION 
      {x} 300 FANFICTION 
      {x} 200 FANFICTION 
      {x} 100 FANFICTION
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      {x} 30 FANFICTION 
      {} 20 FANFICTION 
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      {} 5 FANFICTION 
      {} 4 FANFICTION 
      {} 3 FAN FICTION 
      {} 2 FANFICTION
      3 million: 7-10-13?
      4 million: 11-7-13
      5 million: 2-22-14
      6 million: 6-7-14
      7 million: 10-24-14
      8 million:
      9+ million:
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