Tiger, Tiger by I-ate-Narnia
Tiger, Tiger by Narnivore
Alexis Matthews is a shifter, a member of the most coveted pack on Earth. With Alpha's blood flowing in an Omega's veins, her life is difficult enough as it is, but soon...
  • attack
  • leader
  • scientists
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It's okay, that's love! - EXID (Lesol - Hajeong) by wysu749
It's okay, that's love! - EXID (Le... by Bi
Couple: Lesol - Hajeong - LEjeong Rating: 17+ (Có H) Nội dung: Những chuyện tình cảm đan xen phức tạp của Exid ( - Vì em.. Chị có làm kẻ ngốc cả đời cũng được. ...
  • sole
  • solji
  • hajung
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The SOLE Project [🗸] by pintobeth
The SOLE Project [🗸] by E. A. Carr
Dr. Barbara Agau is not your average mother. She is the head of the controversial SOLE Project, oversees an entire laboratory, and is the only person in the world to hav...
  • project
  • power
  • sciencefictionstories
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Muốn tôi đánh chết chị sao? [ LESOL ] [ SPANKING ] ( H + ) by LV3627
Amour improbable by louloute021
Amour improbable by Loca
Un amour improbable: Une jeune fille qui n'éprouve juste la tristesse; la colère et la peur, se force a sourire pour dire qu'elle est comme tout le monde mais derrière...
  • nagisa
  • koro
  • mmepouffe
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[SoLE] Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nào by TrSammyEL
[SoLE] Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nào by Cố Nhược Tử Ngạn
Tên truyện: Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nào Tác giả: TrSammyEL ( Cố Nhược Thần) Thể loại: fanfic, girl love, HE Couple: Ahn Hyojin x Heo Solji Ahn Hyojin: Đừng vì một phút yếu...
  • solji
  • sole
  • lesol
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Fallout 4 on CRACK! by Kay-Likes-Pie
Fallout 4 on CRACK! by Local Disappointment
Follow the Sole Survivor as they cause mischief throughout the Commonwealth while OCCASIONALLY high on Jet. Hope you enjoy :3
  • parody
  • sole
  • solesurvivor
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I'm so sorry...(A fallout fanfiction) by Phoenix_Trash
I'm so sorry...(A fallout fanficti... by Phoenix_Trash
The girl hid in the shadows of her dimly lit closet, shaking in fear. Her father Bellowing out curses like there was no tomorrow. A small voice attempted to sooth the be...
  • gauntlet
  • jun
  • dog
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[HaJung] [LONGFIC] Love My Honey❤️ by RimOreo
[HaJung] [LONGFIC] Love My Honey❤️ by TH Thảo
Nick kia mất rồi nên giờ làm một nick này sẵn tiện làm truyện mới luôn Đang chèo thuyền HaJung=))) Ủng hộ truyện nha❤️😂
  • hajung
  • sole
You Lied to Me (Paladin Danse x Reader) by Gee-Oh-Wilkers
You Lied to Me (Paladin Danse x Re... by Gee-Oh-Wilkers
Paladin Danse, your long time companion and lover, has a bone to pick with you. This tough but timid man just does not know how to speak to you about it. As tension stre...
  • survivor
  • tension
  • xreader
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[LONGFIC][EDIT] Hoá Ra Yeon Vẫn Ở Đây ! by Fy_Lee
[LONGFIC][EDIT] Hoá Ra Yeon Vẫn Ở... by Fy
  • eunxiao
  • chengxiao
  • hani
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Something Feels Different by carrotsandpears
Something Feels Different by carrotsandpears
She went to school like every other person, She made good friends like every other person, She ate, slept, spoke, ran, lived like every other person. But when she was al...
  • mystery
  • guilt
  • sfd
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[EXID's SoLE Fanfiction] Falling by HallerHill
[EXID's SoLE Fanfiction] Falling by HallerHill
Tên truyện: Falling. Tác giả: Haller Hill Thể loại: Fanfiction, gxg. Couple: Solji x LE (Hyojin) Ship hai gái nhà lâu rồi mà đọc trên wattpad thấy ít có fanfic về hai gá...
  • girllove
  • bhtt
  • exid
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Series Drabble EXID by BonRosie
Series Drabble EXID by Bon Râu
Em yêu nó, còn nó thì lạc mất em!
  • sole
  • hyelin
  • solji
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Rogue: Sole Survivor by RandallBlewer
Rogue: Sole Survivor by Randall Blewer
Long ago, there was a species of people beyond humans who ruled the Earth in the name of their god who supplied their power. One day these people revolted against their...
  • fiction
  • illustrated
  • romance
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「 A Normal Day 」OS by Sepira-hime
「 A Normal Day 」OS by ▪Sepira Nero▪
Alternativ Universum from KHR One Shot German Hm...ich will jetzt nicht viel verraten. Tsunayoshi ist Decimo in seinen jungen Jahren, hat sich damit abgefunden, das Tote...
  • reborn
  • cielo
  • ós
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27 Trials by SomewhatCivilized
"We have to give the criminals in our state.. well, a proper scolding, that's all." Elaine Ross is a freshly-graduated, clever young woman with big dreams and...
  • solesurvivor
  • 27
  • sole
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Unexpected [HaJung fanfic] by officially__trash
Unexpected [HaJung fanfic] by Gay-pop teurash
"Why do you need to be so mean to everyone?" Junghwa asked holding on Hani's hand, preventing the girl to walk away. "Because I don't want to be close wit...
  • hyelin
  • solji
  • hani
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Strike! ストライキ by Akira_Misaki
Strike! ストライキ by Akira Misaki
Sole is a young boy who woke up in a small, farm town called Mineas. He is trying to understand who he is and where he came from. All he has is vivid nightmares of what...
  • soul
  • caravala
  • monsters
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Chuyện Nhà Mình  by TeaTea263
Chuyện Nhà Mình by TeaTea263
Cái này là series oneshot mới của mình :))))
  • hajung
  • lynjung
  • halyn
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