Tiger, Tiger by I-ate-Narnia
Tiger, Tiger by Narnivore Werewolf
Alexis Matthews is a shifter, a member of the most coveted pack on Earth. With Alpha's blood flowing in an Omega's veins, her life is difficult enough as it is, but soon...
Attimi by NORAVIOLANTE Poetry
Raccolta di pensieri liberi
Something Feels Different by carrotsandpears
Something Feels Different by carrotsandpears Teen Fiction
She went to school like every other person, She made good friends like every other person, She ate, slept, spoke, ran, lived like every other person. But when she was al...
Noi solamente noi by FrancescaMicolManzar
Noi solamente noi by Micol Fanfiction
Noi solamente noi Storia scritta da me e @giorgiadifianco passate dalla sua "pagina" per vedere la storia dal suo punto di vista!
[ ONESHOT ] [ SOLE ] TOMORROW  by Paradise14U
[ ONESHOT ] [ SOLE ] TOMORROW by Thiêu Thân Fanfiction
ONESHOT : TOMORROW Main : SOLE + An Hứa Trân x Hứa Xuân Chi Ahn HyoJin x Heo SolJi 1 Trong 5 Fic ONESHOT tiếp theo : USED TO BE- THEIR SHINE- TOMORROW-WILL BE- MINE ...
L'ultimo raggio di sole by MartyFacchy
L'ultimo raggio di sole by PiccolaRossa Teen Fiction
Ognuno di noi ha una luce dentro sé che lo porta ed essere felice, perché quella luce è la felicità stessa. Purtroppo questo sole viene spento da persone, o da esperienz...
[SoLE] Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nào by TrSammyEL
[SoLE] Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nào by Cố Nhược Thần Fanfiction
Tên truyện: Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nào Tác giả: TrSammyEL ( Cố Nhược Thần) Thể loại: fanfic, girl love, HE Couple: Ahn Hyojin x Heo Solji Ahn Hyojin: Đừng vì một phút yếu...
Unexpected [HaJung fanfic] by officially__trash
Unexpected [HaJung fanfic] by Gay-pop teurash Fanfiction
"Why do you need to be so mean to everyone?" Junghwa asked holding on Hani's hand, preventing the girl to walk away. "Because I don't want to be close wit...
Fallout 4 on CRACK! by Kay-Likes-Pie
Fallout 4 on CRACK! by Decent writing? Huh? Random
Follow the Sole Survivor as they cause mischief throughout the Commonwealth while OCCASIONALLY high on Jet. Hope you enjoy :3
[LONGFIC][EDIT] Hoá Ra Yeon Vẫn Ở Đây ! by Fy_Lee
Character Interviews by MacBeka
Character Interviews by Rebekah Vaughan General Fiction
Series of character interviews with my characters from my stories. PM me, comment or put something on my message board for any character you want, even a minor character...
Removed  by SarahMaan
Removed by 🌧Sadness & Sorrow⛈ Poetry
This from a powerful documentary that I had scene and you can look it up it is called removed and it's very poetic and emotional •••Vote and share😊
The Hezekiah Elite by SkywardSole
The Hezekiah Elite by Skyward Sole Fantasy
The Hezekiah Elite is a group of individuals with Gifts from God himself! They gaurd and protect Isreal from the greatest of threats!
[Lejung] Mẩu chuyện nhỏ by MoonJinnie
[Lejung] Mẩu chuyện nhỏ by Chanh Đá💦 Short Story
Định là Hajung nhưng nghĩ lại rồi :))) Khi nào tìm được bìa đẹp hơn sẽ đổi :3
I'm so sorry...(A fallout fanfiction) by Phoenix_Trash
I'm so sorry...(A fallout fanficti... by Phoenix_Trash Fanfiction
The girl hid in the shadows of her dimly lit closet, shaking in fear. Her father Bellowing out curses like there was no tomorrow. A small voice attempted to sooth the be...
27 Trials by SomewhatCivilized
27 Trials by I Dare You to Follow Action
I took a long glance at my surroundings. The view was the same at every turn. I was in a solid white room with no door or windows that I could see. The pale, luminescent...
Solsic ~ La Figlia della Luce (#Wattys2017) by Lilyhart22
Solsic ~ La Figlia della Luce (#Wa... by Marzia Fantasy
Tutto iniziò con un tramonto... I Flutter sono persone che, grazie alla loro aura magica, vengono scelti da farfalle diverse, che li proteggono e li aiutano. Più uno...
You Lied to Me (Paladin Danse x Reader) by Gee-Oh-Wilkers
You Lied to Me (Paladin Danse x Re... by Gee-Oh-Wilkers Fanfiction
Paladin Danse, your long time companion and lover, has a bone to pick with you. This tough but timid man just does not know how to speak to you about it. As tension stre...
EXID - MẶN NHẠT STORY =]] by YuukiHans
EXID - MẶN NHẠT STORY =]] by Shizuka Yuuki Fanfiction
Vài câu truyện nhảm do đầu óc không bình thường của mình nghĩ ra =)))) Tốc độ truyện ra từng chap là phụ thuộc vào độ mặn và sự lười biếng của mình =))) Truyện đầu tiên...