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Naruto's Older Sister (Kakashi x Reader)  by uzublockmi
Naruto's Older Sister (Kakashi x R...by uzublockmi
I do not own the following fan art nor the Naruto characters All rights reserved to Kishimoto for his work UPDATED DISCLAIMER: DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE VERY PICKY ABOUT FA...
His Assistant by TheWriter3735
His Assistantby poof
"Come on Amore, I know you want me." He whispered in my ear. I backed away. "I don't- I can't I'm just your assistant." "You're much more Bella...
The Ender Bite || Dream x George by LazyKayy
The Ender Bite || Dream x Georgeby ✨Kayy✨
A surprise update adds some... unexpected things to Minecraft. Dream, George, and Sapnap didn't think much of it until a strange, black substance started appearing on Dr...
Texting Yoongi  by JeonSangJae
Texting Yoongi by Sang Jae
Hi, I'm bored and typed a random number in ... Why? Like I said, I'm bored and looking for entertainment I'm not much of an entertainment That's fine c: just talk t...
"New Subject..." (BNHA x Abused! Child reader) by lovelife2717
"New Subject..." (BNHA x Abused! C...by Keyhara Roque
What would happen if Overhaul DIDNT get his hands chopped off by the L.O.V? And what If he had escaped jail and on his way to be a villan again finds a little girl cryin...
Wing Man°KamiDeku° by ZaphoX707
Wing Man°KamiDeku°by ZaphoX707
So before you start reading-the first few chapters were made when I was just beginning to write so they might not be as good as my other chapters- °•Art above is mine•° ...
Sancest Oneshots by shipper_Icewolf
Sancest Oneshotsby _Brøken._.Fałła_
fair warning I made this at 3am...so I apologize for the existence of this book. information will be in the introduction. I'm gonna regret this-
hello? (a mcu wrong number fanfic) by oceansgivepeace
hello? (a mcu wrong number fanfic)by f r o g
wrong number story; mcu the reader accidentally texts a member of the avengers one day and then a beautifully chaotic friendship grows between them and the avengers gend...
The icey secret (dekubowl) (slow updates) by my_twocats
The icey secret (dekubowl) (slow u...by My_twocats
Izuku Midoriya Has a secret,a big one,no even his childhood friend/bully knows about. He is the famous ice skater 'green rabbit' who is wildly know around the world. He...
Tommyinnit And Tubbo_ Stories(requested Or I Think Of Them) by TheQueenofBread
Tommyinnit And Tubbo_ Stories(requ...by A Wild Wolf That Has Killed
Huh... This is just a bunch of one shots, stories and crap that are either requested or made up by me... Enjoy perps
𝙏𝘼𝙆𝙀 𝘼 𝙒𝘼𝙇𝙆 | 𝘣𝘯𝘩𝘢 by kiriibean
𝙏𝘼𝙆𝙀 𝘼 𝙒𝘼𝙇𝙆 | 𝘣𝘯𝘩𝘢by charlie !
"are you okay?" "I haven't been my whole life, but yeah, I guess." _____ Warning: involves sensitive topics (this story is like a year old it kinda c...
𝙍𝙀𝙉𝙀𝙀 | 𝘣𝘯𝘩𝘢 by kiriibean
𝙍𝙀𝙉𝙀𝙀 | 𝘣𝘯𝘩𝘢by charlie !
ur gonna get kidnapped by a dragon and some handsome bois are gonna rescue you- welcome to the world _____ Started on: May 8, 19 First Published on: May 10, 19 Ended on...
Jessica Potter and The Order of Phoenix by Roseine101
Jessica Potter and The Order of Ph...by J. Rose
This year is the shittest year of all. We have a pink toad as a teacher, I call her Miss. Hannigan. The students start to rebel because Miss. Hannigan is a shit Defence...
Coin (Female-Reader-Insert Saiki K) by dustiibunnii
Coin (Female-Reader-Insert Saiki K)by DustiiBunnii
PK Academy Class 2 (+) No, you didn't just move in. No, you're not a transfer student. No, you didn't come another world nor timeline. You were just you. There, and li...
all the ODD &/or KINKY MHA Pictures I FIND. by FoxesGhost
all the ODD &/or KINKY MHA Picture...by I Regret NOTHING
there are a lot an the World must be Shown!
7 Minutes in Heaven | YOONMIN FF by Miinyoongii5873
7 Minutes in Heaven | YOONMIN FFby MiinYoongii
"Jimin and Yoongi! Go in the closet and stay in the closet for 7 minutes." Jimin loves things that are cute and loves going to parties even more. Yoongi. One o...
Scars And Smiles by XxDepressed_BeanxX
Scars And Smilesby XxSmol_BeanxX
Kokichi is currently in a tight situation, having to rely on his abusers, being a poor college student, losing his mind ever so often. He didn't always have it hard, but...
It's So Hard To Ignore ((A Dreammare Story)) by The_Bowen_Arrow
It's So Hard To Ignore ((A Dreamma...by jaysavex
What do you do when you're always in mental pain? When people hate you, hurt you, and want to kill you, where is your sole sense of comfort? Your brother, of course. B...