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My friend's feet by fetiche-de-pies
My friend's feetby foot fetish
She can be weird, but her feet are the best of her personality, so sweet ...
Lunas OnlyFans (🇺🇸) by sophie1337_
Lunas OnlyFans (🇺🇸)by Sophie Kühn
Luna's first Day at her new office job is already terrible. Back at home, when her best Friend Sara comes over to her appartment, she makes her an unusual suggestion: To...
Thanos x The Rock by thanockrocks
Thanos x The Rockby thanockrocks
The rock has the last infinity stone in his necklace, and blackmails thanos- thanos must lick the rock's toes!!!
Daisy Ridley's Foot Slave by _YourMidnight_
Daisy Ridley's Foot Slaveby Midnight
After a fan meetup, Daisy Ridley invited Joe back to her house. Little did Joe know that Daisy wasn't looking for a romantic partner, but rather a foot slave. Concept id...
Family Foot Slave by NP0711
Family Foot Slaveby NP01
Casey Greenfield has always admired his mom and sister, his wishes to serve them and be their slave.
What's mine is yours. by Reeuq1
What's mine is Amazing
Max, Col and Conner have been best friends since childhood. While Max and Col are the handsome, popular jocks loved all around town, Conner is a nobody. As the boys grow...
BlakeFoot's True Stories of the Smelly Kind by BlakeFootUniverse
BlakeFoot's True Stories of the Blake Jayden Xavier
My name is Blake Jayden Xavier, aka "BlakeFoot" on DevintART. On this website, I posted some TRUE stories about how I was "forced" to smell feet at d...
The Ultimate College Footslave by runningowl44
The Ultimate College Footslaveby John Stacey
How I became the loyal foot servant of two hot college friends, who always wear some sexy ankle socks.
The Ticklish Toony Adventures Of Lola Bunny by furry_tootsies
The Ticklish Toony Adventures Of furry_tootsies
Cover art from foot-obsession on deviantart Follow lola bunny as she gets into many wacky misfortunes were her soft bunny feet get tickled. Seeing as this character is f...
male reader x Sasuke by semesasu
male reader x Sasukeby semesasu
VERY kinky and whoever is reading this Sasuke treats you like a slut because you were an ass to him so he takes revenge by sex i guess just look at the tags xD
A Ticklish Surprise by KinkyBoots02
A Ticklish Surpriseby KinkyBoots02
Jess arrives at her friend's birthday party with a sexy new pedicure, unaware the girls have a mischievous plan for her ticklish feet.
Ishizu Ishtar x Male Reader- Dragon + Seer by Dragondudde2
Ishizu Ishtar x Male Reader- Geoff Redston
This is the story of Y/n L/n. A young man from Canada caught up in a game of fate. He meets a young woman from Egypt by the name of Ishizu Ishtar, and her younger brot...
My feet's ticklish adventure by malefeetticklee
My feet's ticklish adventureby malefeetticklee
As I found myself barefoot and shirtless in a strange place, I start an adventure where everything wants to tickle my feet.
The tips of her toes: a short femdom story by dereheis
The tips of her toes: a short Josh Kent
I wrote this a few months ago for my, now ex, girlfriend. All mentions of names have been replaced with pronouns such as "her" as not to give away identities...
Camula x Male Reader- Fngs fr the Mrmrs by Dragondudde2
Camula x Male Reader- Fngs fr Geoff Redston
Happy Spooky Month, Wattpad. This story takes place during the Sacred Beasts Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh GX. The reader is a 3rd Year Obelisk Blue, and best friend of Duel Academy'...
The best school day ever by Brick_Pedroson
The best school day everby Brock Peterson
You are having a normal school day until you mysteriously shrink.
Sonic Foot Adventures #2: Shadow by Silver_Boots
Sonic Foot Adventures #2: Shadowby Ik I want it
After worshipping Sonic, you start serving the feet of the ultimate life-form.