It's okay, that's love! - EXID (Lesol - Hajeong) by wysu749
It's okay, that's love! - EXID ( Bi
Couple: Lesol - Hajeong - LEjeong Rating: 17+ (Có H) Nội dung: Những chuyện tình cảm đan xen phức tạp của Exid ( - Vì em.. Chị có làm kẻ ngốc cả đời cũng được. ...
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  • hajeong
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Chuyện Nhà Mình  by TeaTea263
Chuyện Nhà Mình by TeaTea263
Cái này là series oneshot mới của mình :))))
  • ahnsister
  • soljung
  • sole
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Crossfire - Fallout 4 - [R J MacCready x Sole Survivor] by Pazlet
Crossfire - Fallout 4 - [R J Pazlet
It's a long road ahead of them; but for MacCready it has been long enough. He has to betray his travelling companion - his partner - to the Gunners at some point...but h...
  • maccready
  • survivor
  • betrayal
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[SoLE] Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nào by TrSammyEL
[SoLE] Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nàoby Cố Nhược Tử Ngạn
Tên truyện: Tìm Được Nhau Khó Thế Nào Tác giả: TrSammyEL ( Cố Nhược Thần) Thể loại: fanfic, girl love, HE Couple: Ahn Hyojin x Heo Solji Ahn Hyojin: Đừng vì một phút yếu...
  • solji
  • sole
  • lesol
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Unexpected [HaJung fanfic] by officially__trash
Unexpected [HaJung fanfic]by Gay-pop teurash
"Why do you need to be so mean to everyone?" Junghwa asked holding on Hani's hand, preventing the girl to walk away. "Because I don't want to be close wit...
  • hyerin
  • exid
  • sole
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[HaJung] [LONGFIC] Love My Honey❤️ by RimOreo
[HaJung] [LONGFIC] Love My Honey❤️by TH Thảo
Nick kia mất rồi nên giờ làm một nick này sẵn tiện làm truyện mới luôn Đang chèo thuyền HaJung=))) Ủng hộ truyện nha❤️😂
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O Sole Mio || SF9 Fanfic by AngelofLegends
O Sole Mio || SF9 Fanficby CrystalFantasy
This is the story of the Girl who made her dreams come true after she came to possess the nine rays of the Sun and a great power was bestowed upon her. The power itself...
  • kpopff
  • fushigiyugi
  • sun
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Seeing Colours by R5horanx
Seeing Coloursby R5horanx
Imagine Growing up in a world were you see nothing then black and white, Imagine you can't see the beautiful colors of an early evening sunset , or see the colors of t...
  • mate
  • friendship
  • alternate
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[LONGFIC][EDIT] Hoá Ra Yeon Vẫn Ở Đây ! by Fy_Lee
[LONGFIC][EDIT] Hoá Ra Yeon Vẫn Ở Fy
  • junghwa
  • heeyeon
  • hyerin
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Strike! ストライキ by Akira_Misaki
Strike! ストライキby Akira Misaki
Sole is a young boy who woke up in a small, farm town called Mineas. He is trying to understand who he is and where he came from. All he has is vivid nightmares of what...
  • caravala
  • evil
  • karvella
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Paladin Danse x Reader Oneshots by AdorkableMochi
Paladin Danse x Reader Oneshotsby hiatus gang
Our favorite tin can decides to pal up with the amazing sole survivor to have some wacky and flirty everyday adventures during the nuclear fallout! (Requests are welcome...
  • fallout4
  • danse
  • ilovehimsomuchpleasesendhelp
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You Lied to Me (Paladin Danse x Reader) by Gee-Oh-Wilkers
You Lied to Me (Paladin Danse x Gee-Oh-Wilkers
Paladin Danse, your long time companion and lover, has a bone to pick with you. This tough but timid man just does not know how to speak to you about it. As tension stre...
  • paladin
  • fanfiction
  • danse
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Fuori c'è un sole grande by Ludovica9292
Fuori c'è un sole grandeby Ludovica9292
Maddalena ha diciotto anni e una vita tranquilla, nonostante sua madre se ne sia andata. Ha un fidanzato, Michael, una migliore amica, Rachele, un padre che la adora e...
  • youngadult
  • grande
  • fuori
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EXID - MẶN NHẠT STORYby Shizuka Yuuki
Vài câu truyện nhảm do đầu óc không bình thường của mình nghĩ ra =)))) Tốc độ truyện ra từng chap là phụ thuộc vào độ mặn và sự lười biếng của mình =))) Truyện đầu tiên...
  • jeonghwa
  • hajung
  • exid
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Fallout x Sole Survivor One shots  by ejw0801
Fallout x Sole Survivor One shots by ejw0801
Just a bunch of ideas that come to me infrequently.
  • fallout4
  • reader
  • fallout
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The SOLE Project [🗸] by pintobeth
The SOLE Project [🗸]by E. A. Carr
Dr. Barbara Agau is not your average mother. She is the head of the controversial SOLE Project, oversees an entire laboratory, and is the only person in the world to hav...
  • project
  • super
  • projectpolyethnic
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Removed  by SarahMaan
Removed by 🌧Sadness & Sorrow⛈
This from a powerful documentary that I had scene and you can look it up it is called removed and it's very poetic and emotional •••Vote and share😊
  • emotions
  • removed
  • feelings
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Let Me Help You (Paladin danse X Reader) 18+ by Gee-Oh-Wilkers
Let Me Help You (Paladin danse X Gee-Oh-Wilkers
Being on the battlefield with the Brotherhood of Steel, you often see dead bodies. You know you are in it only to find your son, but sometimes it can become a little muc...
  • danse
  • sole
  • paladin
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[EXID's SoLE Fanfiction] Falling by HallerHill
[EXID's SoLE Fanfiction] Fallingby HallerHill
Tên truyện: Falling. Tác giả: Haller Hill Thể loại: Fanfiction, gxg. Couple: Solji x LE (Hyojin) Ship hai gái nhà lâu rồi mà đọc trên wattpad thấy ít có fanfic về hai gá...
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