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Forbidden Fruit by marceloeguerrero
Forbidden Fruitby Marcelo Guerrero
Alex, lost in a maze of forbidden thoughts, finds himself ensnared by thirteen-year-old Mia's playful teasing, his best friend's sister. Her flirtatious glances and coy...
A long lesson in humility by feetlover3
A long lesson in humilityby feetlover3
Jack is/was a chauvinist. But fortunately, Chelsea steps in to help him realize the error of his ways. She uses pain, humiliation, and female domination (mostly foot wor...
Fun With The Babysitter by GuyWhoLikes2Tickle
Fun With The Babysitterby David
A shorty story that I wrote about me having she some tickling fun with the babysitter as she is babysitting a kid
From Rags to Ticklish Riches by marceloeguerrero
From Rags to Ticklish Richesby Marcelo Guerrero
A little girl from the slums has a one in a lifetime opportunity to turn her life and her family's around. But will she pay the steep price?
Ms. Carter's Detention: Sky by marceloeguerrero
Ms. Carter's Detention: Skyby Marcelo Guerrero
A frustrated art teacher has had enough with a 14 year old skater girl's attitude in her class and comes up with a very special kind of detention for her.
Drunk Foot Fun at a Party (True Foot Fetish Experience) by sensibleboy567
Drunk Foot Fun at a Party (True Adrian Sandoval
Want true foot fetish stories? This is it right here. Every story shared is 100% true (Pics are usually hit or miss, some are REAL some are FAKE but still represent the...
My feet's ticklish adventure by malefeetticklee
My feet's ticklish adventureby malefeetticklee
As I found myself barefoot and shirtless in a strange place, I start an adventure where everything wants to tickle my feet.
My Boy Scout Fetish Friend by LicentiousFrolic
My Boy Scout Fetish Friendby Licentious Frolic
Actual stories of when I was in Scouts
Beach Daze by tkl_my_feet
Beach Dazeby tkl_my_feet
Kelly and Morgan, two twenty-something best friends, visit a local beach for a day of sun-soaked relaxation. Unfortunately, things suddenly change when a pair of tickle...
School of tickling by TicklePaw
School of ticklingby MocziMacza
What would you do if you were one of the students of a really unique school. Where misbehaviour is punished in a cruel but innocent way. Join us, and check if we can ti...
Fumbling Office Reflexologist by KaleidoscopeSole
Fumbling Office Reflexologistby The Kaleidoscope Sole
A man lies about his reflexology credentials to avoid being outed for his foot fetish. His lies put him in an usual predicament of treating his CEO's wife's fertility is...
Pak: Nature Lover & Barefooter! 👣 by LicentiousFrolic
Pak: Nature Lover & Barefooter! 👣by Licentious Frolic
Descriptive experience of a guy connecting to nature at a local park. I try to convey tactile sensation by focusing on the ground underfoot, let me know your thoughts!
DO I WANNA KNOW? II wilbur soot by avasxlibrary
DO I WANNA KNOW? II wilbur sootby avasxlibrary
"do i wanna know? if this feeling flows both ways? sad to see you go.. ...
ImTheBlink: The interdimensional tickler by ImTheBlinkGuy
ImTheBlink: The interdimensional ImTheBlinkGuy
Hi, my name is Clive and I can travel through universes of games, series, movies and so on. I have a tickle fetish and I use my powers to tickle every character I loved...
Tickling Elsa Fanfiction from Frozen 2 by hugoka
Tickling Elsa Fanfiction from hugoka
Elsa finds herself in a ticklish situation while trying to find the fifth spirit..
A Ticklish Surprise by KinkyBoots02
A Ticklish Surpriseby KinkyBoots02
Jess arrives at her friend's birthday party with a sexy new pedicure, unaware the girls have a mischievous plan for her ticklish feet.
your girl under my soles by polanderson9
your girl under my solesby Pol Anderson
You came and saw that your girlfriend was kissing my feet. Saw how I enjoy when she licks my beautiful heels. You are completely humiliated, but I think what you will do...
Kokoy's Lust For Sheila's Soles  by HelixZ5
Kokoy's Lust For Sheila's Soles by Helix Z
Parts 1-3: Kokoy finds himself unable to control his cravings for Sheila's soft, wrinkled soles as his obsessive masturbation becomes a compulsion to try and experience...