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The House Always Wins (Fallout NV  x BNHA) by Amochi_s
The House Always Wins (Fallout NV...by ChooseGoose
The sixth courier is send to an entire different world full of heroes and villains after an experiment went wrong in Old World Blues. Now he helps Mr. House to put a dom...
Courier Six (RWBY X Fallout New Vegas) by Th3_Sl4y3r
Courier Six (RWBY X Fallout New Ve...by ArandocalledSlayer
Meh, Description are just glorified spoilers
Nuclear Ash (Darksouls OC X Fallout 4) by Gmastermac
Nuclear Ash (Darksouls OC X Fallou...by Gmastermac
After rekindling the first flame, Edgar's body and soul was used as kindling, being burnt into nothingness. This is where the story should have ended, where Edgar ceased...
The Mechanist: Reader x BNHA by GASTLY42957
The Mechanist: Reader x BNHAby Rhogar
A boy born without a quirk. He dreamed of being a hero. His parents were mechanics, also without a quirk. They They repaired cars, and sometimes super hero armor. This...
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout x Overwatch) by Cmonkey512
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout x...by 8-bit monkey
Overwatch is looking for an edge over Talon. Winston has an idea for a teleporter that can scan radio frequencies and teleport someone to the source. It's assembled, so...
The Mechanist Rewrite: BNHA reader insert by GASTLY42957
The Mechanist Rewrite: BNHA reader...by Rhogar
Rewrite time! A boy born without a quirk. He dreamed of being a hero. His parents were mechanics, also without a quirk. They They repaired cars, and sometimes super her...
Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars (Mass Effect/Fallout crossover) by NordRonnoc
Mass Foundations: Redemption in th...by Nord Ronnoc
Arc I Story I - Years after the second battle at Hoover Dam, an experiment at Big Mountain had gone awry, sending the Courier to a universe where humanity became a space...
The lone survivor ( rwby x male lone survivor  reader ) by apk22223
The lone survivor ( rwby x male lo...by apk 22223
" war, war never changes" I DONT OWN RWBY OR FALLOUT
male russian wastelander x female deathclaw  by hicaleb2
male russian wastelander x female...by caleb bowen
brontoslav Kalashnikov is the name of our russian wastelander we follow him as he meets a severly wounded deathclaw he doesn't wish to end the life of a powerful beast i...
From Vegas To Hell //Fallout NV x HighSchool DxD by trippieshit
From Vegas To Hell //Fallout NV x...by Professional Tweaker
This story is a mixture of Fallout NV (one of my all-time favorite games), and High school DxD. It'll be a sort of slow burn, but I'll try to make it interesting for whe...
Random Oneshots by ra9_is_my_religion
Random Oneshotsby ImmaSexyPancake
This is just a small book full of oneshots I have made because I legit have no life :). I do NOT own a SINGLE character in this book. All rights go to the creators and w...
Fallout New Vegas Reader x RWBY by CancerousMemes420
Fallout New Vegas Reader x RWBYby CancerousMemes420
WARNING! Strong and offensive language RWBY belongs to rooster teeth and Fallout new Vegas belongs to Bethesda and the god Todd Howard. Papa Bless.
The Enclave of Remnant (Enclave President Reader x RWBY) [hiatus] by UnknownFoundation
The Enclave of Remnant (Enclave Pr...by UnknownFoundation
The enclave has fought til they teleported themselfs off the face of the earth. The oil rig was attacked by the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR after putting their diff...
As cold as Steel by ThisOneGuyYT
As cold as Steelby ThisOneGuyYT
Second story bois!! This story will be worked on as well as my other ones so please bear with me! This is a fallout x rwby story, with (y/n) maxson the son of the elder...
World On Fire: A Skyrim/Fallout Crossover by corvo21
World On Fire: A Skyrim/Fallout Cr...by Corvo21
When a few Daedric Princes discover a new world to play with outside of Oblivion, the Lone Wanderer of Vault 101 and the legendary Dragonborn end up in the crossfire. Lo...
Ain't that a kick in the head! (BNHA and Fallout crossover) by Edgyishere
Ain't that a kick in the head! (BN...by Edgyishere
Jack never expected to crossover to a different world but hey when had he ever expected any of the things that happened to him? Maybe he'd make make a few friends on th...
Arknights: From the Wastes by N7Captain
Arknights: From the Wastesby N7Captain
After sacrificing his life to stop a rogue robot from launching a nuclear bomb, the Courier must now live his life in this strange new world. What mysteries await him? C...
"I'M A TEENAGER, SO WHAT? I CAN STILL KICK YOUR ASS." when alexia ortega goes on an adventure to find her birth father, she gets a lot more than she bargaine...
You've Got The Wrong Guy. [FALLOUT 4 x Reader]( MACCREADY x READER ) by Alcauter_
You've Got The Wrong Guy. [FALLOUT...by Alcauter_
You seem to have trouble with men-- you don't know why but they seem to cheat on you. On a normal morning day, instead of staying at home-- eating away at your feelings...
Story Ideas by Sovereign343
Story Ideasby Reaper
these are story ideas I want to do, and will hopefully do in the future. this is here for you lovely people to see what I potentially have planned and to help me keep tr...