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Gate old world blues by user444890
Gate old world bluesby user444890
Disclaimer:I do not own fallout or gate as fallout belongs to betheasda softworks and gate belongs to takumi yanai illustrated by Daisuke Izuka and kurojish 3 years aft...
Hell's Sole Human (male reader x Helluva Boss) by coffeeman9000
Hell's Sole Human (male reader x H...by CoffeeMan
As (Y/N) was looking through a old library, he stumbled across a book. A near perfect intact book in fact! But this isn't just any book, it's a grimoire from hell! Not b...
Courier Six (RWBY X Fallout New Vegas) by Th3_Sl4y3r
Courier Six (RWBY X Fallout New Ve...by ArandocalledSlayer
Meh, Description are just glorified spoilers
The House Always Wins (Fallout NV  x BNHA) by Amochi_s
The House Always Wins (Fallout NV...by ChooseGoose
The sixth courier is send to an entire different world full of heroes and villains after an experiment went wrong in Old World Blues. Now he helps Mr. House to put a dom...
Code Geass Characters React to Alternate Realities by DewElr
Code Geass Characters React to Alt...by DewElr
What would happen if Code Geass Characters reacted to alternate realities of their world? Will they love it or hate it? Will Feature: Man In the High Castle Wolfenstein ...
The Mechanist Rewrite: BNHA reader insert by GASTLY42957
The Mechanist Rewrite: BNHA reader...by Rhogar
Rewrite time! A boy born without a quirk. He dreamed of being a hero. His parents were mechanics, also without a quirk. They They repaired cars, and sometimes super her...
FallouTale [En] (rewritten) by MathRMod
FallouTale [En] (rewritten)by Mathias Ritsma
The "meeting" between Fallout and Undertale, Falloutale Discovered a world where two beings died and two were born, unintentionally. A world where killing or b...
Arc of The Brotherhood by Wrench007
Arc of The Brotherhoodby Wrench007
(Disclaimer: I don't own RWBY or Fallout.) What if Jaune was presumed dead during a mission against a white Fang base, and was transported to the East Coast?
FO4 In A Magic World by BrightWindgate
FO4 In A Magic Worldby Bright Windgate
MC get send to a world of magic but decides to use a modified FO4 system to live. Doing this for fun if you see plot holes or anything of that nature let me know and I s...
Arknights: From the Wastes by N7Captain
Arknights: From the Wastesby N7Captain
After sacrificing his life to stop a rogue robot from launching a nuclear bomb, the Courier must now live his life in this strange new world. What mysteries await him? C...
Gate: Wastelands by Shadow_trooper
Gate: Wastelandsby Shadow_trooper
A fallout x Gate Story
The Fallout of the Azur Lane by NJI-Fushi-no-fushi
The Fallout of the Azur Laneby IJN-Inperiaruimōtaru
Our story begins during the great war fallout in University. USS storm fortress is Sitting in the Miami and USS Anchorage was Heading out of it way to China. but peacefu...
a full clip and some jet. (male courier RWBY insert) by Irish-dumbass
a full clip and some jet. (male co...by I shit my pants
people usually write something about the book here. but I'm not going to. this book is mainly for myself, so I dont really care if you read it or not. also, I need sleep.
A lone wasteland Soldier by GalaxyNova555
A lone wasteland Soldierby GalaxyNova555
A lone Enclave soldier spends his days wandering the wastes in search of anything worth doing until he stumbles upon the Commonwealth.
Fallout 4 Alternate by Shadow_trooper
Fallout 4 Alternateby Shadow_trooper
Fallout 4 Alternate: my take on the fallout 4 universe and story
Huh....... neat. (Apocalyptic Realm x male "Latino" reader) by A_Friendly_psycopath
Huh....... neat. (Apocalyptic Real...by E
This will be my second story so far. But don't expect to get chapter every week.
male russian wastelander x female deathclaw  by hicaleb2
male russian wastelander x female...by caleb bowen
brontoslav Kalashnikov is the name of our russian wastelander we follow him as he meets a severly wounded deathclaw he doesn't wish to end the life of a powerful beast i...
Ashes of the former (last human male reader) by Genuinenovelty
Ashes of the former (last human ma...by Genuinenovelty
From the ashes of alchemy rises one final survivor.
The Wastelander: Fate/go x male reader by GASTLY42957
The Wastelander: Fate/go x male re...by Rhogar
Fallout 76. Wastelander update just dropped so I made this. Please enjoy
The Armored Mad Man by ModTheBot
The Armored Mad Manby Celestial
Izuku Midoryia has made a new fusion powered armor, how far will he go?