beatles preferences by mercury-ily
beatles preferences by ☾kat☽ Random
for those of you with a serious case of beatlemania // comment or pm me requests!! :') also thanks to @darlingmercury for helping me with john on like every chapter lmao
cabaret | joshler by primadonnajosh
cabaret | joshler by m. Fanfiction
"y'better get goin' before m'mama gets home. she'd kill ya, big boy." set in the sixties. in which josh falls head over heels for a not so innocent angel who s...
The Dollhouse by theartofhearts
The Dollhouse by Ruby Venn Horror
❝IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.❞ Set in the 1960s, The Dollhouse is the haunting story of Lydia and Violet - forced to uproot to a new town and live with an old-fashioned family t...
The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fan Fiction) by MissODell
The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fa... by Miss O'Dell Fanfiction
In 1965, George meets a mysterious young woman outside of Abbey Road Studios. As he is drawn into a passionate and turbulent love affair with her, it becomes clear she i...
The Outsiders: Imagines And Stuff by Pony_babe
The Outsiders: Imagines And Stuff by The Outsiders Fanfiction
Comment or message me what you want and with who. Just cute imagines with your fav gang of greasers! Also probably some rants or random things. Maybe even some head...
The Poisoner's Garden by theemmpress
The Poisoner's Garden by The Emmpress General Fiction
London, 1969. Sex, drugs and rock and roll...Eighteen year old Alison Fabian is done with it all. Newly married and not-so-newly pregnant, she's determined to get away f...
Dreamers Like Us by Beatles_Blackbird_98
Dreamers Like Us by Jessie Fanfiction
The year I turned 19 was the best and most eventful year of my life. It was shockingly emotional, brutal, scary and yet beautiful. It was the year I met my best friend...
Colorblind <> Paul McCartney by Meowstacheo
Colorblind <> Paul McCartney by Gurg McCartney Fanfiction
"You're in color." I stated breathlessly. I wished to know why this was happening. Why here, why now, why him. But my questions where left unanswered, and the...
Don't Worry, Baby by what_the_garfunkel
Don't Worry, Baby by What the Garfunkel™ Fanfiction
Meet Brian Wilson, he's a member of the Beach Boys from Hawthorne, California and is terrible with kids. But he'll need to step it up after a dying wish from a young wom...
Bus Stop by RubyMoonSister
Bus Stop by RubyMoonSister Fanfiction
Sometime in the Sixties, Lindsey and Stevie meet. "Bus Stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows under my umbrella..." (Short Story)
The Singer and the Bookworm | J.P.M by ilymccartney
The Singer and the Bookworm | J.P.M by i am the egg man Fanfiction
Violet Wilson is the kind of girl who would much rather spend her life in the company of books than actual people - but the annoyingly flirtatious yet kind of cute lead...
SMASH OR PASS | 1950's - 1990's EDITION.  by eighties-tragedy
SMASH OR PASS | 1950's - 1990's ED... by Ᏼ. ♡ Random
in which, i make a list of famous people from the nineteen fifties through the nineteen nineties, and you comment if you'd smash or pass them. you may also comment some...
[rants ↠ aesthetic] by miasparts
[rants ↠ aesthetic] by mia spartalis Random
[this is my place to rant, i don't care how many views it gets.] rants, particularly about art, and the twentieth century.
You And Me (Babe) by Beatles_Blackbird_98
You And Me (Babe) by Jessie Fanfiction
Welcome back to the story of Rita and Richard. It's 1960, and after receiving the news of her illness and pregnancy, Rita has to tell the people closest to her. Her pare...
30 Day Beatles Challenge by mclennoninthesky
30 Day Beatles Challenge by Lennon-McCartney♡ Fanfiction
Woo! This exists! Obviously I'm gonna do this!❤ February 1 - March 1 2016
The Show Of My Life by MontyLennon
The Show Of My Life by Charline Guaiana Fanfiction
We were on our US Tour in 1966... And that evening I realised that I would never want to go on tour again.
Nostalgia by scumbagmarty
Nostalgia by scumbag yorky Fanfiction
Nostalgia (n.); a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. { alan "yeah-yeah" m...
Go away, George by bethanybeatle
Go away, George by ✿beth✿ Fanfiction
Caitlin is just your every day girl, slighty on the strange side but who isn't? Aside from the fact that she's an obsessive vegetarian (don't kill the cows!) and a bit o...
Their Satanic Majesties - The Rolling Stones by Anhe-donia
Their Satanic Majesties - The Roll... by Anhe-donia Historical Fiction
Mick and Keith had been involved with dark magic for a few years when the other Stones came to them with questions. What better way to explain than to give a demonstrati...
Andromeda [Brian May] by miss-germanina
Andromeda [Brian May] by nina Romance
andromeda /anˈdrɒmɪdə/ noun ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ What if you get thrown into a world you only heard about in stories, in school? How will you deal with it? And how...