I Am Bailey Bennett. [LGBT] by KathrineBoyer
I Am Bailey Bennett. [LGBT] by Kathrine A. Boyer
Beautiful: Possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, taste, smell, and to feel. You do not want to see me. When you see me...
  • lgbtq
  • lgbt
  • genderfluid
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The Outsiders: And the girl from the future by Pony_babe
The Outsiders: And the girl from t... by The Outsiders
Amber Peterson is a fifteen year old girl living in probably the most boring life ever. When one day, after wishing for a better life, she is transported back to the mid...
  • ponyboy
  • sodapopcurtis
  • darrycurtis
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The Dollhouse by theartofhearts
The Dollhouse by Ruby Venn
[A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] ❝Image is everything.❞ Set in the 1960s, The Dollhouse is the haunting story of Lydia and Violet - forced to uproot to a new town and live wit...
  • vintage
  • sixties
  • secrets
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The Prime Minister's Wife  by HollyNicole468
The Prime Minister's Wife by Holly
"'You're no good for me.' My voice is trembly as I stumble back through the threshold of the glass door. His comforting hand catches me just as I'm about to fall, a...
  • jfk
  • lanadelrey
  • romance
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He's So Fine [Beatles / George Harrison Fan Fiction] by MissODell
He's So Fine [Beatles / George Har... by Miss O'Dell
Beatles fan fiction. Della Milton and George Harrison lived on opposite sides of Upton Green, Speke, Liverpool, in the 1950s. Born three weeks apart they soon became chi...
  • ya
  • sixties
  • beatlesfanfiction
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Nothing Is Gonna Change My World (McLennon, Starrison) by mclennoninthesky
Nothing Is Gonna Change My World (... by Lennon-McCartney♡
The Beatles were at the top, rewriting the music history books. They drove all the girls crazy with their good looks and talent. However, as humans, we cannot control ou...
  • slash
  • sixties
  • fanfiction
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The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fan Fiction) by MissODell
The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fa... by Miss O'Dell
In 1965, George meets a mysterious young woman outside of Abbey Road Studios. As he is drawn into a passionate and turbulent love affair with her, it becomes clear she i...
  • pattieboyd
  • melodrama
  • beatlesfanfiction
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The Outsiders: Imagines And Stuff by Pony_babe
The Outsiders: Imagines And Stuff by The Outsiders
Comment or message me what you want and with who. Just cute imagines with your fav gang of greasers! Also probably some rants or random things. Maybe even some head...
  • dallas
  • outsiders
  • dallaswinston
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It Started At The Record Store (Ponyboy X Reader) by the_booklife
It Started At The Record Store (Po... by Abigail ✌
Let me make this short There is Love, Betrayal, and the bumps just keep coming. Will you be able to make it through this wild adventure with Ponyboy Curtis?
  • ponyboy
  • teenfiction
  • greasers
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Summer of 69' // Ponyboy Curtis (short story) by itsmelisssaaa
Summer of 69' // Ponyboy Curtis (s... by 80s trash
In which two teens fall in love in the summer of 1969.
  • 60s
  • socs
  • greasers
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Juke's Diner by copperbrownie_24
Juke's Diner by ♡CAM♡
Charlotte Abrams is used to being the invisible girl at Chestville High. In fact, she expects it after not having any friends for all of her childhood. Her only comfo...
  • burgers
  • mystery
  • love
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You Just May Be The One [Michael Nesmith-The Monkees] by heartpunker123
You Just May Be The One [Michael N... by Stephanie
Marilyn Rose Torgerson was just an ordinary college student living in Southern California until she buys an old pocket watch. A pocket watch that takes her back in time...
  • timetravel
  • california
  • petertork
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Runaway with Ponyboy Curtis by underalias
Runaway with Ponyboy Curtis by M.G
Cherry, SodaPop, and Ponyboy make the great escape they had been planning for months. They were originally a Gang of Four, but a complication got in the way. There runa...
  • sodapop
  • sutton
  • curtis
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In Blissful Oblivion by Diamond4life2112
In Blissful Oblivion by Diamond4life2112
It's the sixties, and Nancy is looking forward to her future: A new house, new neighbors, and new prospects. She wishes to start over and even find love. The one thing s...
  • historical
  • betrayal
  • deception
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Lady Jane by jaggersmouth
Lady Jane by jaggersmouth
Keith Richards, Michael Jagger and Jane Parker studied together in the Primary in 1950 and don't talk to each other since they changed schools 5 years later. On October...
  • london
  • charliewatts
  • chrissieshrimpton
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emotional rescue [mick jagger] by slashcoholic
emotional rescue [mick jagger] by lia
"I don't want a temporary love." After not seeing his best friend in years, Mick Jagger and his band return to London while they're on a tour break during Chri...
  • trs
  • sixties
  • gimmeshelter
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Bus Stop by RubyMoonSister
Bus Stop by RubyMoonSister
Sometime in the Sixties, Lindsey and Stevie meet. "Bus Stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows under my umbrella..." (Short Story)
  • âu
  • lindseybuckingham
  • sixties
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cabaret | joshler by primadonnajosh
cabaret | joshler by m.
"y'better get goin' before m'mama gets home. she'd kill ya, big boy." set in the sixties. in which josh falls head over heels for a not so innocent boy who sec...
  • 60s
  • sixties
  • joshlersmut
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The Show Of My Life by MontyLennon
The Show Of My Life by Charline Guaiana
We were on our US Tour in 1966... And that evening I realised that I would never want to go on tour again.
  • thebeatles
  • beatlemania
  • show
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Nostalgia by scumbagmarty
Nostalgia by scumbag yorky
Nostalgia (n.); a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. { alan "yeah-yeah" m...
  • yeahyeah
  • hamporter
  • smalls
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