Unwanted (Jelix) by danmeowphil
Unwanted (Jelix) by W O W I E Fanfiction
Sean is bullied and only hopes that one day he will be happy. Felix has a crush on Sean but Felix is one of his bullies.
Tiny (Jacksepticeye x Tiny!Reader x Markiplier) by PJOloverforever
Tiny (Jacksepticeye x Tiny!Reader... by TinyTyper Fanfiction
100 writing prompts all for one book, specifically a g/t, so here it is! 2 P.O.V. of Y/N, for all those who preffered it/ demanded it! 😉
Jacksepticeye Imagines {Completed} by spaceandthewoods
Jacksepticeye Imagines {Completed} by ☽ Fanfiction
Ever wondered what it would be like to date Jack? Be his best friend? Live a life with him? Well now thanks to me, you don't have to do the thinking - HIGHEST RANK: #5 I...
Jacksepticeye Imagines by SepticWriter101
Jacksepticeye Imagines by Distant Daydreamer Fanfiction
{COMPLETED} A collection of imagines/one shots featuring you and Jacksepticeye! What's it like to be his girlfriend? Wife? Daughter? Or even a stranger to Jack? Embark o...
Hotel Room #239 by alli_love4021
Hotel Room #239 by alli Fanfiction
Two YouTubers from two different countries. They have never thought of each other more than best friends. But what happens when they have to share the same hotel room? W...
Filthy [Antisepticeye X Reader] by keenequeen
Filthy [Antisepticeye X Reader] by keenequeen Fanfiction
(Y/N) stumbles out of a bar one night to be greeted with a smooth talking Irishman. Little did she know he would be her worst nightmare.
Hold on JackABoy  by Phantom_septiplier
Hold on JackABoy by Phantom_septiplier Fanfiction
XXXXXX Trigger Warning XXXXXX -alcohol -swearing -minor character death -PTSD -Selfharm -past abuse Jacksepticeye. A hilarious Irish Gaming youtuber; who uploads almost...
You Will Be Mine. (Antisepticeye x Male reader) by a_person_named_alex
You Will Be Mine. (Antisepticeye x... by Alexander Applebaum Fanfiction
(Y/n) moves to the UK for a change in scenery, a fresh start, but that all gets thrown down the drain when a hook up turns into something worse, something deadly. W͆̍̈͘͡...
Insecurities ≫ septiplier by editiplier
Insecurities ≫ septiplier by erizzle ☻ Fanfiction
a lonely boy finds love in a lonely world [HIGHEST RANKING: 24 in Fanfiction] ~ 6-20-16 * * * cover by twdandme copyright ©2015-2016 by editiplier all rights reserved.
Apocalypse ~Septiplier~ by SepticWolf2244
Apocalypse ~Septiplier~ by Septic_Wolf Fanfiction
Mark Fischbach was one of the very few people in LA who managed to survive the First Attack. With his past experience as a Singer, he has no survival skills. That's why...
The Long Road to Love (CrankGameplays, jacksepticeye, Markiplier) by MaxiDerwent
The Long Road to Love (CrankGamepl... by MaxiDerwent Fanfiction
Ashley Vale is ordinary, just like anyone else. Her whole life she has wanted to do something, be someone, but her parents have other ideas. Everything she wants is just...
The Beast Inside by TheMostInsane
The Beast Inside by TheMostInsane Fanfiction
Mark and Jack have been friends for a long time, they trust each other with their lives. However, even friends have secrets. Jack has kept it hidden, but he is a beast...
Sin - Septiplier by BSkyeSoldier
Sin - Septiplier by RIP Chester Fanfiction
Jack's parents had always been strictly religious and left him tainted with memories that will never leave him. He decided to escape to America, leaving behind his home...
Cause Trouble In Me - Septiplier by pettymin-
Cause Trouble In Me - Septiplier by もち Fanfiction
•completed• ~~~ Even the best of friends can fall in love... ~~~ Mark always started the trouble and Jack would follow. They both got along so well doing whatever they f...
PAX ➳ Jacksepticeye  by HailTheFreakShow
PAX ➳ Jacksepticeye by Addison Fanfiction
You finally get the opportunity to go to Pax and meet someone named Sean McLoughlin who changes your life. But before leaving, he reveals his true feelings for you. ❝P...
together again // septiplier by emily_septic_eye
together again // septiplier by em howlter Fanfiction
{sequel to kik // septiplier} After high school and once they were off to college, Mark and Jack ended their relationship. They'd tried moving on, but alas, they were st...
The Girl Behind The Screen ~ JackSepticEye by WhatAJamie
The Girl Behind The Screen ~ JackS... by Jamie / Trash Fanfiction
Sean, or better known to others as JackSepticEye, has been a YouTuber for a long time. It became a full-time job ages ago, and he finds it hard to get anything done betw...
Long Lost || Markiplier AU by socialphobiaa
Long Lost || Markiplier AU by erin Fanfiction
Kaia Fischbach is normal. So what happens when she goes to a normal Starbucks on a normal day? {all characters in this book belong to me. except for the youtubers, twit...
Be my prince (Septiplier) by iceddarkmocha
Be my prince (Septiplier) by mocha ✌︎('ω')✌︎ Fanfiction
Sean Mcloughlin's, the prince's, hand was already promised to the princess Signe Hansen. But what happens when he ends up falling in love with a prince from an allying k...