Junjou Romantica: A New Editor by ZeeStar30
Junjou Romantica: A New Editorby Zee Star
Aikawa gets a promotion at work, leaving Akihiko to need a new editor. Of course he absolutely hates change when it comes to his work. It gets even worse when Isaka and...
  • junjou
  • usagixmisaki
  • junjouromantica
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Red Carpet Lovers #Discontinued by Ellisa_Evans
Red Carpet Lovers #Discontinuedby 💗 Ellisa 💗
Sequel of Falling In Love With Her and Tamed To Love You "Alexa, we need a model for our fashion show," Cassie said. "And, we couldn't find a proper model...
  • baby
  • visualstory
  • romamtic
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Milk and honey  by wallflowerxxxx
Milk and honey by wallflowerxxxx
This book is based on the poetry book milk and honey. I honestly hope you like it and get to feel emotions through the characters. "Some people are meant to fall i...
  • heartbreak
  • lovestory
  • romamtic
Bad Blood (H.S- VAMP FAN- COMPLETED) by sammat20
Bad Blood (H.S- VAMP FAN- Sarah
High school sucks for a lot of people, Sarah included. Working through grade 11 is hard enough for anyone but it is even harder with the recent murders popping up in her...
  • soulmate
  • harry
  • tomlinson
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Steven universe x reader by childlikejayda
Steven universe x readerby Jayda Harris
Book 1 features you,Steven and the crystal gems and i don't own steven universe and i don't own any of the characters. Started: September 15 Ended: October 25
  • steven
  • garnet
  • pearl
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Quartet  Dance  by RoughDiamondBA
Quartet Dance by Rough_Diamond
Mai Saymi just started her career as a choreographer for a new group called Quartet Night. As time past she got to know each one of the members and grew fond of them, m...
  • quartetnight
  • utanoprincesama
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A Kickin' It Love Story by TheDN15
A Kickin' It Love Storyby TheDN15
Kim Crawford is the new girl in Seaford. Her life will forever be changed when she meets the "Wasabi Warriors."Specifically Jack Brewer.
  • lovestoriesforteen
  • howard
  • leo
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ROMANTICS  ━  d. montgomery by baptize
ROMANTICS ━ d. montgomeryby 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖆 🦋
in which a girl tries to play matchmaker. [ DACRE MONTGOMERY ] [ social media, 2017 ]
  • strangerthings2
  • dacremontgomery
  • billyhargrove
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Cowgirl by FaerieLightss
Cowgirlby Ruth✨
[i am in the process of editing this for mistakes and generally improving it] • "The sound of boots clunking on the wooden floor made everyone in the pub fall silen...
  • romance
  • western
  • cowboy
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Vampire Mate ✔ (Complete) // #watty2017 by Natalie490
Vampire Mate ✔ (Complete) // Natalie
I always thought that I was a normal girl but that was untill I meet my mate Zac we fell in love instantly but I just didn't know it till later. Zac is a vampire his bee...
  • teenage
  • romance
  • cute
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My Cowboy by AnnaMattsson2
My Cowboyby Anna Mattsson
When Caroline moves to her older brother in Texas all she can think about is how it feel to finally be free of her family. You see, everyone in Carolines family hate her...
  • sports
  • football
  • romance
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One-Shots with Crush (Requests Open) by delicate_swifty
One-Shots with Crush (Requests Dani Dom
"Babygirl? ...." "Huh! What Daddy?", I woke up from my dream and that was when I realized I had been sleep talking all those dirty words in the clas...
  • lukehemmings
  • michaelclifford
  • passionate
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Chinese love storys by coin23
Chinese love storysby coin23
This love storys have been past down for centuries and was told hundreds of years ago in China. Some of the story's might be true we never know. I have not made this sto...
  • love
  • story
  • romance
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My Life With The Evil Queen by RiverTheWolf333
My Life With The Evil Queenby River
(Book two is out! ) This 13 year old girls name is Raven, and she lives with the worst parents ever. And the queen kidnaps Raven on her 14...
  • magic
  • lesbian
  • evil
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I Wish I Was Lord Byron (Poetry) by theelegantwalrus
I Wish I Was Lord Byron (Poetry)by The Heggles
In memoriam of my weird crush on Lord Byron, my stupid poetry. Some deep, mostly dumb.
  • poetry
  • poembook
  • poet
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Mister NGSB meets Miss NBSB | #KathNielReads by MissMykaKim
Mister NGSB meets Miss NBSB | Ate Karzy
He is a torpe. No one courted her. Until these two hopeless romantic meet. Will they fall for each other?
  • kathryn
  • kathniel
  • nerds
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My Life With Kids by NickiBabyGirl
My Life With Kidsby BeyNika's Child
Beyoncé has gotten divorced and she has 5 kids. She has to raise them on her own as a parent. Her sisters always help The question is will she stay single or will she...
  • beyonce
  • romamtic
  • fiction
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Suami Tanpa Cinta by Haziiieqah
Suami Tanpa Cintaby haziieqah
Alia seorang gadis yang periang, hidup selalu berwarna warni sehingga dia terpaksa ditunangkan dengan orang yang paling DIbenci OLEHNYA.. Mampukah Alia bergembira disamp...
  • sexytimes
  • romanctic
  • mature
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Ahsoka SW ~secrecy~ Luxsoka by JoscyOfficial
Ahsoka SW ~secrecy~ Luxsokaby Amazeballs.blair
this is a luxsoka fanfic. I feel like there aren't enough books of these two cuties so here I am writing one for you all. All the pictures here I do not own. Creds to th...
  • starwarstheclonewars
  • ahsokatano
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The Alphas Babies  by jazzy_123890
The Alphas Babies by jazzy_123890
Amy found her prefect mate and he is an alpha. But I think it went to well and she found out see was pregnant and then the alpha was doing everything about the babies a...
  • baby
  • werewolf
  • family
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