Gotham Gazette // J.V by mikaylapast
Gotham Gazette // J.Vby Mikayla
"Love your hair gorgeous..." Katerina Ferdine's dad had asked her to do one simple task. Bring his...
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  • villain
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My Captain and I (A One Piece Fanfic: Trafalgar Law) by buncha-evs
My Captain and I (A One Piece m u l t i f a n g i r l
If you were given a chance to wish for something, what would it be? A piece of paper was what it all took for everything to change. . . . Waking up in another dimensio...
  • kidpirates
  • shachi
  • fanfiction
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Who is the monster ? (Damian Wayne X Reader ) by nabayla
Who is the monster ? (Damian nabayla
Your life is a complet mess. What happens if Robin comes in it ? Warning: can have scene of violence and sex. Talk also about suicide. If you are uneasy with the ki...
  • brucewayne
  • fiction
  • robinxreader
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Madhouse by allif21
Madhouseby ALLI
When (y/n) meets Gotham's most notorious criminal her life is changed forever. Living in the fast life, she must face insanity, death and her worst fears. Will she make...
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  • girlxboy
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Riddles on Napkins // E.Nygma by mikaylapast
Riddles on Napkins // E.Nygmaby Mikayla
"From riddles on napkins to kisses on the cheek, my-my Edward how far you've come." Alice Morelle wasn't the brightest flower in the bunch, that being th...
  • jonathoncrane
  • scarecrow
  • gotham
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Bad Boy [ l.r.h ] by savvy_coker
Bad Boy [ l.r.h ]by :)
[ l.r.h ] "Baby girl. What is he my daddy?"
  • love
  • luke
  • summer
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A Girl Who Likes Ketchup (Michaeng) ✔️ by Pengu_Cub
A Girl Who Likes Ketchup ( Pengu_Cub
#392 IN FANFICTION (as of 14/09/17) 🌹It's not just one pair of friends that falls in love but most of the characters. Each one has a story to tell, and most of the time...
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Beautifully Twisted - {A Jerome/Gotham Story} by Kaylakuy
Beautifully Twisted - {A Jerome/ Be A Freak... ❤️
Ana Wilson, a 17 year old girl living in Gotham, never thought that a trip to the circus would turn her whole life around.... A night of wonder ends in horror. The onl...
  • hugostrange
  • davidmazouz
  • harveybullock
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My heart beats for you (Michaeng) ✔️ by Pengu_Cub
My heart beats for you (Michaeng) Pengu_Cub
This story is about a girl named Mina, who is from Japan, attending one of the universities in Seoul Korea. She was famous from attending many ballet competition during...
  • sonchaeyoung
  • minari
  • mina
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Trafalgar law : I love you by toonlunykit
Trafalgar law : I love youby toonlunykit
So-Ming was 6 when she lost everything. Now So-Ming is face to face with the surgeon of Death, Trafalgar Law. Law takes her under his wing for now but, will he always b...
  • trafalgarlaw
  • beppo
  • zoro
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Oneshots of Myoui Mina by KeeganWayne
Oneshots of Myoui Minaby Keegan Houstan Wayne
Either fluff or smut. not good at angst.. I'm taking request... until 01.12.2018
  • myoui
  • minari
  • penguin
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two worlds // luke hemmings by lukeythehemmings
two worlds // luke hemmingsby doritos
Going out without a bodyguard might sound, to people like Luke Hemmings, completely unimaginable; a lot of things could go wrong. However, sometimes the odds are in his...
  • ashtonirwin
  • five
  • michaelclifford
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Red Tulips  *Doflamingo X Reader* by TOP_RAVEN
Red Tulips *Doflamingo X Reader*by Raven °^°
Donquixote Doflamingo X Florist Reader Modern AU (Y/n) (L/n) is a florist in the city of Dressrosa. There she meets Donquixote Doflamingo; what starts out at first as ju...
  • vergo
  • fights
  • zoro
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One Piece x Reader by me_a_soma_fan
One Piece x Readerby Little-o-me
Basically the characters in One Piece x Reader. I will be taking requests if you have an idea. Please don't be shy. There are no such things as a bad idea in my book. ...
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Gotham Imagines ❤️ by Kaylakuy
Gotham Imagines ❤️by Be A Freak... ❤️
Welcome to the gloomy city of Gotham folks... (I take requests!) ❤️
  • corymichaelsmith
  • cameronmonaghan
  • robinlordtaylor
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My heart beats for you | Book 2 (Michaeng) ✔️ by Pengu_Cub
My heart beats for you | Book 2 ( Pengu_Cub
A story involves Michaeng, Jeongmo, 2yeon, Satzu and more. If you haven't read the book 1, please do so before proceeding to this book. The story will tell more on the f...
  • 트와이스
  • nayeon
  • momo
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only you// x  by Prosetta
only you// x by glen coco
only you// x ___ jimin's family convince him to marry a sweet foreign girl from japan for business. not thinking they would stick, jimin soon debunks that theo...
  • chim
  • park
  • shy
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dc imagines from tumblr by -gothxmcity
dc imagines from tumblrby shania !!
#8 IN DC IMAGINES #3 IN GOTHAM IMAGINES #41 IN DC COMICS a majority of the imagines are fluff, only a few smut imagines formerly called; gotham imagines from tumblr [NON...
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One Month, One Lifetime by thespacedork
One Month, One Lifetimeby Mary
When Indi shows up at the reading of Great Aunt Minnie's will, she's expecting nothing. Minnie Abernathy was a notoriously disagreeable old woman who vowed to never leav...
  • humor
  • comedy
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Gotham Imagines by rainingfairies
Gotham Imaginesby 《 Emma 》
These are just short Gotham imagines - all character x reader. In fact, it's mostly Jerome x reader since he's my absolute fave :3 • Feel free to request stuff (unless i...
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