Family is all that matters - 1D kidfic by doodle1403
Family is all that matters - 1D ki... by doodle1403
Follows the adventures of Liam and Louis as they adopt two young boys and become the family that they have always dreamed of. There will be difficult times but as long a...
  • onedirection
  • lilo
  • kids
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Baby Harry by HazzasMeg
Baby Harry by Megan
Harry Styles, is a troublemaker to say the least. Throughout his life, Harry has been to many foster homes, no parents being able to control his obnoxious ways. What hap...
  • baby
  • ageplay
  • liam
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I Got You [ ✔️ ] by kiyahluvu
I Got You [ ✔️ ] by Ki
"You know I got you right?" "Yeah I know" *********************************************************
  • gay
  • humor
  • lgbt
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notice me [lilo] by hugehearted
notice me [lilo] by mina
whenever harry cheats on louis, liam is always there for him. and not because of the fact that hes a great friend. [lilo fan fiction]
  • harrystyles
  • lilo
  • louistomlinson
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Treat You Better [lilo] by hugehearted
Treat You Better [lilo] by mina
where louis doesn't realise he's in an abusive relationship and liam keeps on promising him he could treat him better. [inspired by shawn mendes' song; treat you better]...
  • louisandharry
  • gay
  • larrystylinson
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Daddy Liam ›› l.p. by Loutomtom
Daddy Liam ›› l.p. by k
[THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD] "What an angry kitten. The kitten needs to be taught some lessons today by Daddy.'' he laughed and took out a thing that looked li...
  • justwriteit
  • daddy
  • kink
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Family | n.s by keepingupwidnarry
Family | n.s by Ri 🌹
The one were Niall is a single parent and Harry wants a job desperately -- June 15' 2016
  • gay
  • louistomlinson
  • narrystoran
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one direction fluff | ♡ {Requests Closed} by cuppalarry
one direction fluff | ♡ {Requests... by emma
just a bunch of ORIGINAL sick fics, kid fics, and fluffy moments in general about the one direction boys :) i fuck with the ages a lot to increase the fluff. btw nothing...
  • louistomlinson
  • fluff
  • niallhoran
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Our Human (Zianourry) by harrys-rings
Our Human (Zianourry) by All the love - H
[Highest ranking: #110 in Fanfiction] Humans know all about werewolves and vampires. Humans are considered the lowest species, the weakest. Some humans, however, are m...
  • wattys2017
  • ziam
  • werewolf
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rockabye [zarry] by AngelOfDeath1
rockabye [zarry] by Arooj x
❝No one's ever gonna hurt you, love I'm gonna give you all of my love.❞ warnings: mention of mpreg copyright © all rights reserved by AngelOfDeath1
  • mpreg
  • malik
  • lilo
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Our Little Secrets ღ Larry by damnlarrybabe
Our Little Secrets ღ Larry by moonlight 🌙
Louis war ein braver Junge, er log nicht gerne, wirklich. Aber wie soll er schon die Wahrheit erzählen wenn Harry ihn so nett bat keinem auch nur ein Wort zu sagen? Er m...
  • gay
  • larry
  • yaoi
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One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy) [Completed] by underseaeternity
One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy)... by Grace and Marissa!!
Hey guys!! Bromance one shots only in this story!!! So we usually only do fluff but we do smut too (Maybe not great smut but yeah cut me some slack!) Every one shot you...
  • nosh
  • nouis
  • ziall
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Ours (Zianourry Family/Lilo AU) by lingerielarry
Ours (Zianourry Family/Lilo AU) by Alli
Louis and Liam's life couldn't be more hectic. Between working, and taking care of two children, things can get pretty crazy. As if having a five year old and a one year...
  • boyxboy
  • zianourry
  • paylinson
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Phone Sex Operator ➢ [LiLo]✅ by KingCommenter
Phone Sex Operator ➢ [LiLo]✅ by яσввιє ∂єℓ мαℓιк
in which Liam is tired of us of being sexually frustrated, so he calls a sex operator to stroke his big ego. Cover by ConWeCallLove
  • louis
  • liam
  • lilo
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One Direction BSM DDM by mwells1
One Direction BSM DDM by mwells1
BSM & DDM There will be some Niam, Narry, Nouis, Lirry, Larry and lilo
  • larry
  • lilo
  • nouis
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Assassin After My Heart [Zouis] by zarrycupcake
Assassin After My Heart [Zouis] by ramie
[COMPLETED] ❝I hate you so much.❞ ❝Hate me all you want, nerd. But remember. I'm the only one that's gonna save that cute little bum of yours.❞ Or the one where a deadly...
  • louistomlinson
  • marcel
  • liam
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Hi! I'm Niall Malik (Niam/Larry) by TheToothFairy94
Hi! I'm Niall Malik (Niam/Larry) by Queen Claire
(1st Place in 1D Bromance Award Summer 2013) Niall Malik, the little brother of Zayn Malik is finally allowed to go to a normal public school, like his brother instead o...
  • nouis
  • niam
  • zouis
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We Could Happen ~Larry AU~ by donnyslouis
We Could Happen ~Larry AU~ by Alec
Louis is a freshman with a crush on his older brother's best friend. He gets bullied, but it doesn't really bother him. He also likes to sing. or the one where Louis has...
  • bromance
  • horan
  • harry
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The Popular Kids  |Narry| by smd_fangirl
The Popular Kids |Narry| by narry.
Niall and Harry are the best of friends. Everyone at school wishes to have a friendship like Niall and Harry. They're also the most popular boys in the school that are...
  • random
  • niallhoran
  • ziam
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The Tutor » Ziall AU ✔ by ZiallSmut
The Tutor » Ziall AU ✔ by ♡
[Completed] • Zayn Malik. Everyone knows him in Bradford High school. He's the school bad boy. Every girl in school practically throw themselves on him. But he has his...
  • lilo
  • direction
  • zayn
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